Tennis Vacation in the Bavarian Forest

Tennis vacation in Bavaria – Make it your match!

You don't want to miss your favourite sports during your vacation and keep swinging your tennis racket? You would like to improve your tennis technique, discuss tennis tactics, try to score a point or return a serve of 200 km/h during your holidays? Then you should consider our sports hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest. Please have a look around this site - here you can score the right points.

Train like a pro an tennis school Markus Hantschk.

What to expect during a tennis vacation in the hotel Ödhof?

Whether you are already a passionate tennis player or a beginner on the tennis court, with us at the tennis hotel you have already found the perfect place to spend a successful tennis holiday. Our own tennis school, run by Markus Hantschk - one of the owners of the hotel, offers every class of performance, no matter what age, great conditions improve your tennis skills.

Tailored tennis offerings

We offer group and individual tennis training in our house. We have variably designed the length of stay, as well as the number of coach lessons. Depending on how fit you are, you can exercise up to 4 hours daily. A tennis coach lesson usually takes 45 minutes.

Tennis 4 one

✔ Intensive and individual tennis training ✔ 1x hydro jet massage ✔ swimming pool and sauna ✔ half board. A tennis weekend for everyone. read more →

Happy tennis days

✔ Intensive and individual tennis training ✔ 1x hydro jet massage ✔ swimming pool and sauna ✔ half board. A tennis week for everyone. read more →

The intensive group programmes do not leave much time for other things besides tennis. Therefore, our tennis camps not only include the usual breakfast and dinner as part of the half-board, but also a lunch, including a salad plate or a pasta dish. As a result, you do not need to think of other things than tennis.

Tennis package I

✔ Tennis training in groups of 3-4 people ✔ free play ✔ full board ✔ swimming pool and sauna. A great tennis weekend. read more →

Tennis package II

✔ Tennis training in groups of 3-4 people ✔ free play ✔ full board ✔ swimming pool and sauna. A first-class tennis camp. read more →

Tennis vacation for every level

Your own ability depends on many factors. Whether you are a beginner and you have never held a tennis racket before, whether you are a seasoned club player or looking for a professional career, every tennis player has different requirements for his tennis coach.

Now you think, a beginner needs a less skilled and experienced coach. That is not true. The beginner may not be able to judge the quality of his coach so well, but for him as a tennis starter, it is important to learn the right techniques from the beginning. In this way, he can achieve significantly faster progress and prevent, as a result, falsely accustomed techniques.

With a lot of sense of touch and empathy, our coaches teach different basics that will help beginners, as well as tips and tricks that will improve the skills of the advanced player. Experience it for yourself, no other sport combines tactic with competition, fun with concentration, as well as stamina, lightness and strength as strong as tennis.

Experienced tennis players have often made small mistakes that make it difficult for them to exploit and develop their full potential in tennis. On the other hand, especially these movements and techniques which you have grown accustomed over a long period of time, require a considerable amount of attention, patience and tenacity to eliminate them in training. On a tennis holiday on our tennis court, you have the opportunity to work. Trifles will be seen by the experienced eyes of our trainers, who then significantly increase their performance, often with small modifications.

Tennis pros, or those who want to be, are more interested in how to properly organize their training or how to choose a tournament schedule for the upcoming season. Of course we also have such strong coaches in our tennis school that young pros can use their full potential in a training match.

A tennis holiday at the Hotel Ödhof will be a profitable experience for every level of performance.

Tennis vacation in ideal surroundings

Not only the tennis school with competent coaches, but also the tennis court and other sports training facilities, as well as the numerous offers for regeneration and recreation in a pleasant location contribute to a successful tennis holiday.

The hotel's own indoor tennis court, with its knee-gentle rebound ace surface, and tennis courts with the Canada Tenn sand surface, allow our tennis guests to improve their skills with expert training and to deliver one or the other match with a professional. As a rule, our tennis courts are open from Easter until late in autumn. The stunning view of the Regental valley will be the highlight of any game.

If you decide for a tennis holiday in our house, then it will be accompanied by the tennis school Markus Hantschk, where you train on a modern high-quality tennis facility, which has two indoor courts and two outdoor courts.

The indoor courts have a modern knee-gentle court surface, as it is also played in many well-known tennis tournaments, e.g. at the Australia Open. The outdoor tennis courts have a sand surface. This offers the tennis player perfect opportunities to prepare for the outdoor season. The tennis training can be carried out regardless of the weather.

Besides the tennis training off the court we offer a variety of training opportunities. Among other things, we have a large gym with cardio and weight machines. In addition, there are many running tracks around the tennis hotel, which are perfect for training strength, performance, and speed.

Comfortable tennis holidays

But what is the most beautiful tennis holiday without the conveniences of a comfortable 4-star hotel? Our rooms invite you to feel good. Not only tennis pros know how relaxing it is to enjoy a relaxing massage after a successful match or to relax after a sauna session at the pool.

After your workout you will have access to our spa, as well as a wide selection of massages and treatments to prevent aching muscle or relieve any possible tension.

Tennis for one or in the group

Tennis vacation for adults

Special tennis offers with intensive individual training allow our tennis coaches to work out a personalized training program with you. This is the quickest way to success and can individually determine your training schedule and your training goal.

In a tennis camp as a team you have a common training and gaming experience, but also an individual promotion of your skills in the team. Among other things, you can focus on the technique and tactics for the double. In this context training and competition increase your concentration as well as your coordination. In this way, your stroke technique is specifically optimized and improves the game.

Tennis vacation for children

We accompany you on the way to become a small tennis pro. Of course, we also welcome kids. Especially for the little beginners in tennis, it is important to train important basics of coordinative skills and abilities right from the beginning. Quite individually and with a lot of fun in the game, our tennis coaches perform this training concept. Who knows, maybe the first match with a pro will come soon. Many beginners discover the enthusiasm for tennis during their tennis holiday.

Curious? We are glad to inform you about packages, offers, prices and prices. The entire team of our hotel is looking forward to your visit. You will certainly have an unforgettable tennis holiday in a fantastic location.

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