Sauna area

Spoil your body with warmth ...

Regular sauna visits are an perfect anti-stress program for the body. In addition, it promotes detoxification and strengthen the immune system. The well-being and the benefits of a sauna visit, however, only affect those who feel comfortable with sauna sessions. That's why we offer a wide temperature range with different humidity in our sauna area.

Wellness and relaxation in the wellness area and our sauna area
Sweating in the Finnish sauna, pure relaxation in the sauna and wellness area

... and strengthen the health

In the Finnish sauna, which is preferred by the traditional sauna guests, a temperature of 80 - 100 degrees is present in a dry indoor climate.

Our organic sauna, with a temperature of around 60 degrees and a humidity of around 45%, invites you to a longer stay.

The highlight of the organic sauna is a color light system. The different colors with the different wavelengths have positive effects on body and mind.

The steam bath completes our sauna area, and is a very old traditional warm bath. At a relative humidity of 100% and a temperature of about 45 degrees, the warm steam unfolds its full effect.

You can relax in our secluded wellness area with organic sauna.
After an eventful day, you can relax in our spa with steam bath and chill.

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