Review: Komo Flocman

Komo Flocman - no. 1 of electric flake squeezing

The latest member of our "equipment range" at fasting hotel Ödhof is the electric flake grinder Komo Flocman. First at all - I am totally thrilled. The flake grinder convinces in its simple operation, the simple but functional design and the wonderful results when in action. But more in the detailed review.

Flakes squeeze during fasting?

fasten/komo-flocman-rezension.jpgWhy do we need a flake grinder during a fasting cure? Well, there are many types of fasting in our fasting house to try out, including fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen or Ayurveda fasting. With these types of fasting it is common to start the day with a warm cereal porridge. Hildegard von Bingen attached great importance to the diverse vital substances in spelled, with its balanced amino acid profile and warming properties. In Ayurveda fasting, a porridge with ghee and steamed apple is alternatively served for breakfast.

So far, the Eschenfelder flake grinder (hand-operated model) has trustingly supported us, which provides excellent services for home use. Unfortunately, the preparation of several portions (more than 5) but then takes quite a lot of time and is like a small athletic workout, which in the long run at our staff was not so popular. ;O)

Therefore, we needed an alternative solution and after extensive research, I deliberately chose the Komo Flocman. An electric flake grinder with infinitely adjustment.

Cereals, grinders and much more on

An unbeatable research site for flake and flour grinders, as well as the required organic cereals in strictly controlled quality, is Particularly noteworthy is the personal advice on the phone, which convinces again and again. Therefore 5 stars for the service and a big thank you for the fast delivery of Komo Flocman.

Komo Flocman - the review

Electric flake grinder with infinitely adjustment

The highlight of the Komo Flocman is the infinitely adjustment - so you can finally produce with an electric flake grinder very thin flakes. The stainless steel rollers of the Komo Flocman transform in about 1 minute about 100g of cereal into delicious flakes, no matter if spelled or oats.

First at all I had personal concerns about whether the grinder is not too loud. But when I compare the volume with my flour grinder, the difference is pleasant. The Flocman works with only 40 dB extremely quiet and even 2 kilograms of grain in one go are no problem.

The simple design of solid wood convinces all along the line. Thus, the Flocman forms an interesting eye-catcher in our fast kitchen and leads to many detailed discussions on the topic: healthy food for breakfast. Freshly prepared cereal flakes taste much better than the finished flakes from the supermarket around the corner. In addition, the nutritional value of the flakes is far superior to the supermarket alternatives. Well, and the taste is even more convincing.

It is also interesting that the Komo Flocman can also process oilseeds such as poppy seeds, linseed, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds or even oily spices such as cumin, anise or cilantro. Not just the fasting guests are thrilled.

Value for money of Komo Flocman

The Komo Flocman is available for just under €350 in trade. That is not all, when it is only a few minutes a day to make a delicious, nutritious breakfast. On the other hand, the slightly cheaper hand-operated flake grinders are already available at a price of €150.

Since this flake grinder was made of excellent, durable materials, it can be assumed that this is a one-time purchase in life. For example, you have are 12-year manufacturer's warranty the on the Komo Flocman. If the flake grinder is now in operation every day, this would be just €0.07 per day in relation to the 12 years.

That sounds a lot better. In addition, it is very unlikely that the flake grinder will refuse service after 12 years. That's why I think the price for quality and performance is justified.

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