Flexi fasting – Weight loss by intermittent fasting

Losing weight during fasting?

Losing weight has actually only positive side effects for long-term fasting. Primarily, fasting is about cleansing the body, i.e. deacidifying, detoxifying and purifying. But not a few fasting people use their fasting period and the associated weight loss to break the daily habits and strive for a permanent weight loss and a healthier nutrtion.

Recently, a new fasting method is becoming more and more popular, especially for people who want to lose weight. Intermittent fasting is often called part-time fasting.

Intermittent fasting means part-time fasting

What does intermittent fasting stand for?

Intermittent fasting is the perfect method to reduce the fat content of your body an as a result to lose weight on this way.

Abnehmen durch intermittierendes Fasten und SportIntermittent fasting (unlike long-term fasting, such as Buchinger fasting or Basen fasting) is about food and fasting in continuously changing intervals. Therefore, it is also called part-time fasting. In contrast to a traditional fasting cure, which is characterized by the discharge of solid food or a constant foods reduction down to 1000 kcal in the case of Basen fasting, phases of eating and not eating are replaced by part-time fasting. The duration of fasting can vary greatly, with usual meal breaks of 16 - 24 hours. Afterwards you are allowed to eat again. The healthier the next meal, the stronger the long-term aim of weight loss.

What forms of intermittent fasting do exist?

Depending on the duration of the fasting period, there are some differences between the fasting forms 16:8, 18:6 or 5:2 of intermittent fasting. Basically, this can be made relatively flexible and the phases during fasting can be fully adapted to individual needs.

In the 16:8 method (i.e. 16 to 8 method), there is an 8-hour eating phase after a 16-hour fasting period. This phase can include 3 normal meals. During the fasting phase is only drunk – e.g. non-carbonated water and herbal teas.

The 18:6 method (i.e. 18 to 6 method) includes an 18-hour fasting period. During the 6-hour meal phase, you can usually have 2 large meals. Usually, breakfast or dinner will be cancelled.

The 5:2 method (i.e. 5 to 2 method) is 2 times fasting for 24-hour within a week. It is very popular to choose Monday and Thursday as fasting days. You can eat normally for the remaining 5 days of the week. A fasting day starts e.g. with a sustainable breakfast at 8 p.m. During the next 24 hours, only vegetable stock, tea or water is consumed. The fasting ends with the next sustainable breakfast on the following day at 9 p.m.

Of course, there are plenty of fasting and meal time combinations, e.g. 1 day of food and 1 day of fasting. It means to simply trying it and finding the optimal solution for yourself. As a long-term weight loss program, the combination of the 16: 8 method from Monday to Friday and "normal" food on weekends can be recommended.

The benefits of intermittent fasting when losing weight

When fasting is used to lose weight, it has some key benefits, including:

  • It is even for inexperienced fasting guests easy to apply this fasting method.
  • There is no ravenous hunger, because you eat at regular intervals.
  • The metabolic rate of the body remains consistently high, because the body is already being fed again before the threshold of the calorie saving mechanism is exceeded. Therefore, an adjustment of the metabolic rate is not necessary.
  • Due to this effect, no protein is degraded.
  • Fasting can be continued for a relatively long time and adapted again and again to your own needs.
  • The performance in everyday life is maintained and losing weight can be further supported by sport and activity.

That's why our fasting offer - "flexi fasting" - combines intermittent fasting with a healthy, basic diet and intensive interval training.

After first successes in our house, you will learn during flexi fasting how to successfully maintain or even reduce your weight at home. These include following components: healthy nutrition, nutrition breaks and effective exercise.

Flexi fasting – intermittent fasting

Losing weight by a combination of intermittent fasting and extensive varied sport. Improve your physical fitness your well-being. read more →

How does weight loss work when intermittent fasting?

A great advantage of intermittent fasting are the short periods of time during you waive solid foods. This takes especially fasting beginners the fear of refraining from eating, protects against food cravings and feelings of weakness and still allows you to benefit from the many positive effects of fasting. It only needs a fasting period of about 16 hours to be integrated into everyday life. Since most of us do not go to bed immediately and sleep on average 8 hours, the first 12 hours are relatively easy to reach. Those of us who find it difficult to eat breakfast, will achieve their aim most easily.

It is also crucial for weight loss that the metabolism does not switch into a kind of economy mode during intermittent fasting. Due to the short fasting times, the body continues to use a lot of energy and thus promotes weight loss. In the first 24 hours, the body existing glycogen reserves (carbohydrate reserves) in the liver and muscles are enough for your body. Because part-time fasting never lasts for more than 24 hours, the body can quickly refresh its consumed resources. In this way, a considerable reduction of the calories consumed is possible. However, the performance remains.

Not least, this also reduces the yo-yo effect, as the metabolic rate is not affected. The yo-yo effect always occurs when normal eating after a calorie reduction. Since the metabolism was driven back during the diet, less calories are needed. However, when eaten as before the diet, this creates a calorie surplus, which is stored in the form of fat pads. Since the body sees the previous deficiency as a crisis, which could come back at any time, it saves more than existed before.

Accoriding to smaller medical studies, intermittent fasting also has the positive effects of long-term fasting. These include normalizing blood pressure, improving blood levels and blood fat levels, and lowering cholesterol levels.

An accompanying sport program as well as a change of diet is inevitable, if want to use your fasting period for losing weight. In accompanying lectures, we show you ways on which sports and which change of diet are particularly suitable for losing weight.

Sport helps to lose weight - What does modern training for the reduction of body fat look like?

Abnehmen durch Sport: Intervall- und Ausdauertraining

Losing weight without exercise or sufficient activity is extremely difficult and usually not advisable. Because often, the weight loss is associated with an increased degradation of proteins and thus with a reduction of muscle mass. Especially in crash diets the body in addition to an initially high weight loss and many functional proteins (such as the muscles) degrades. After the completion of such a radical cure then the weight often shoots beyond the initial value.

Therefore, a weight reduction can only be affected by fat loss. The necessary negative energy balance can be best affected by an accompanying activity program. Weight management is very effective for a functional interval training.

At our Hotel Ödhof you will find a training parkour in our hall, as well as in the open air soon. Together with like-minded people who want to lose weight while fasting, you can burn calories with fun.

Endurance training is not really suitable for losing weight. Although it increases your physical fitness and strengthens the cardiovascular system, the calorie deficit is simply too low to achieve a great aim. Moderate endurance training for weight loss is therefore only limited recommended.

Ideal for weight loss is in our opinion, an interval-oriented endurance training combined with an individualized strength training. During your stay in our hotel we will introduce you to the different training devices and show you different possibilities of the right training. With the first success and the good feeling after the training, you will usually be much more motivated. Ideally, you will take the fun of the training home and in the long run you can reduce and maintain your weight.

Losing weight by permanent change of diet and basic food

Basic diet for losing weight

Abnehmen durch intermittierendes Fasten und basischer ErnährungDuring the meal phases, we spoil you with basic nutrition, which is characterized by a low energy content with high nutrient density. So you get all the necessary nutrients your body needs to be healthy and powerful. This diet is ideal for the endurance training days and can also be perfectly integrated into everyday life. This requires only a little knowledge of the base or acid formation of food. There are no prohibitions, but only recommendations how acid producers in the diet can be compensated with many bases.

Powerful despite losing weight by superfoods

You need a special performance on interval training days. On the one hand, the body needs energy for training, on the other hand, it should quickly recover from training and regenerate. This can be achieved through so-called superfoods in the homemade energy drinks and bars before and during exercise. Special after-work smoothies provide all the necessary components for quick recovery and repair of damaged muscle tissue. This is a natural process whereby the body replaces damaged structures with better, more durable structures. The faster the muscles recover, the faster the performance can be increased and the faster you will see successes.

The program: flexi fasting – losing weight by fasting and sport

Flexi fasting is a great combination of healthy basic nutrition, the benefits of intermittent fasting and sports for long-term weight loss. We would like to provide you with the necessary knowledge in 7 or 14 days of Flexi fasting in order to continue the success of your weight loss at home and to be able to maintain your weight in the long term. Try it out and visit us in the Bavarian Forest.

Flexi fasting – intermittent fasting

Losing weight by a combination of intermittent fasting and extensive varied sport. Improve your physical fitness your well-being. read more →