Nutritional counselling

Nutritional counselling: the right nutrition tips for everyday life

alt/content/gesundheit/basische-lebensmittel-obst.jpgOur health is influenced by a variety of factors. One of the most important is the diet. The food accompanies us permanently through our entire life. But especially in the field of nutritional information there is a lot of confusion in our time. Advertising messages, often with health-related statements, mix with half-knowledge and half-truths or "beliefs". There is hardly no other topics where myths are so stubborn as of nutrition. Precisely for this reason it is important to know about a healthy and proper diet and to inform yourself about nutritional advice.

Nutrition affects our health

The fact that nutrition is influences our health, well-being and performance is clear to everyone. There are more diet-related illnesses than ever before. 30% of all diseases are diet-related and the trend is rising. Which foods are good for me?

Have you also asked yourself the following questions about nutrition? Is it the environmental toxins, you have to pay attention to organic products, is the fat or are the sugars harmful to the body?

Through our diet we not only supply the body with the substances that it desperately needs. That means you do not just have to pay attention to super or malnutrition, no, our food now contains enough substances that can damage our body. The problem with this is that our bodies can compensate for a wrong diet for a long time and we do not notice anything about a wrong diet. The problems gradually become apparent only with a time delay, and only then does it become clear to us what kind of reduction in quality of life this entails. That is why it is important to inform yourself at a nutritional consultation early, which foods are useful and which harm your body rather. Often, the awareness of the right foods is sufficient to implement a wholesome healthy diet without loss of enjoyment and quality of life and without starving. Just one small step in the right direction can already have a positive impact on your health.

Nutritional counselling is useful for anyone who seeks advice in the "food jungle" and nutritional myths, but does not have the time to get the information or not know where to look. Not everyone has the expertise or the desire technical literature to roll.

Dietary advice at Hotel Ödhof

We are a team of naturopaths, dieticians and fasting leaders, who have set themselves the aim to accompany people on their way to a healthy and pleasurable diet. It is important for us to design a concept tailored to each person, which meets the individual requirements of the desired weight, desire to eat and a healthy diet. Since only on this way you can implement these nutritional aims permanently and keep them long term. Each person has different preferences, different aims concerning the figure, weight and health and also their own ideas and ways to achieve these aims. We provide you with our dietary advice and our nutritional coaching possible ways in which they come as close as possible to your aims with the means at your disposal.

For whom is the nutritional advice at hotel Ödhof suitable?

  • People who want to preventively do something for your health
  • Nutritional advice on prevention
  • Nutritional advice for weight loss
  • People with food intolerances and allergies
  • Diet for stomach / intestinal problems