A fasting cure in Bavaria

The right course of a fasting cure

A fasting cure does not simply begin with giving up solid foods but follows a fixed fasting schedule. Whether in Bavaria or elsewhere, in detail this depends on the type of fasting method and fasting duration. However, in general, all fasting cures can be divided into a rough, uniform pattern.

In principle, such a fasting plan can be subdivided into 3 phases. These phases are the introductory discharge days, the fasting period itself and the breaking of the fast with the final gain days. Depending on where and how you are fasting, this subdivision results in a different fasting duration. In our fasting hotel, we only count the days in which you completely abstain from solid food as full fasting days. Of course, you can still spend the discharge days, the end of fasting, as well as the gain days in our house. It is especially recommended for your health to combine a fasting cure with Basen fasting for relief and a gentle gain.

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What are the individual phases of the fasting cures in detail?

The discharge days at the beginning of the fasting cure

The relief days are primarily to make the beginning of your fasting cure gentle and harmonious. Many people prepare for fasting before they arrive. If you were to start fasting in a normal diet, then it is quite likely that you would be in a fasting crisis during your fasting period, and you would feel hungry, tired, have a headache and similar symptoms. Just like the fasting cure itself, the discharge days also have a physical and a mental dimension. A good mental preparation also helps the body to adjust quickly to the upcoming fasting period.

Duration of the discharge

The more time you can plan before the fasting cure for the discharge days, the better. Generally, however, the rule of thumb has proven that the discharge days should be one third of the actual fasting period. Due to the lack of time, often only one discharge day is practiced before the actual fasting phase begins. Obviously, you do not have endless time for a cure, but especially the discharge days are particularly important. However, they do not necessarily have to be on the spot but can be made at home.

Discharge of the digestive organs

Before fasting, you should reduce the amount of your daily food to relieve the digestive organs. The food should be as healthy, high-fiber, unprocessed and easy as possible. Therefore, it is ideal if you can prepare your food fresh just before you eat it. Particularly suitable are foods such as potatoes, rice, fruits and vegetables. For example, you can also insert a few rice days, fruit days or raw food days before your fasting cure. Especially important - increase your drinking volume in return. At least 1.5 liters of water or tea are important in order to provide the metabolism with enough liquid to flush and remove the waste products and cell toxins.

Waiver of stimulants

During your fasting cure you should abstain from such stimulants as alcohol, coffee or smoking. Again, it is advisable to stop these habits during the discharge days. Often a waiver of these stimulants leads to symptoms such as tiredness and headache. Therefore, it is good if you have already broken the habits at the beginning of your fasting cure.

Discharge of the stress of everyday life

What may sound trivial at first glance is not so easy. It is an advantage if you came mentally to rest before the beginning of your fasting cure. Therefore, try to avoid much stress and too much work during the discharge period. Especially in everyday life, we must face some problems which harm the body, mind and soul. Since it is not easy to shift down a gear and come to rest. It often takes several days to mentally prepare for fasting. Therefore, you reduce on discharge days as much external influences as possible, to enjoy a relaxed and harmonious time during your fasting cure.

The phase of fasting

The main and actual reason for fasting is, of course, the time of refraining from eating. During this time the body should be freed from excess ballast and slags. However, the individual fasting methods are considerably different. Starting with the strict waiver of all solid food, as in the fasting cure according to Buchinger, up to a strict diet with about 1,000 kcal limited to various foods in a Basen fasting cure, everything is possible here.

How these cures are designed in detail and build on each other, you can read in the detailed descriptions of each offer on our page. All of them have waive, relaxation and physical activity in common. The main specific characteristics of the fasting method are the type and frequency of colon cleansing, the type and amount of food intake, the fasting diet, as well as the possible supporting measures for detoxification.

The fast-breaking and the build-up days

In a fasting cure, the fasting phase ends with the fast-breaking. From this point on you get your body back to a normal healthy diet. This period is also known as gain days. Of course, the type and duration of the gain days depend on the fasting cure you have performed. If you have not taken solid food during the fasting cure, then it requires a careful diet. You will of course receive the instructions on the spot, because the gain days can be continued at home. A slow diet is also the best way to keep the dreaded yo-yo effect at bay.

The duration of the build-up days

The duration of the gain days depends on the duration of the fasting period. Again, the rule of thumb is that the gain days should be at least one-third of the fasting period. That is the minimum amount of time the body needs to get used to a normal diet. It is better to design the gain days as a kind of post-treatment. It would be advantageous to eat vegan, vegetarian or basic for one to two weeks. This gives the body enough time to get used to the diet of everyday life. If you succeed in integrating one or the other nutritional advice into your daily routine following your fasting cure, you will be able to prevent many diseases as a preventative measure.

A fasting cure at home or at the hotel

Basically, as longs as the process and preparation of the fast foods are known, you can make a fasting cure at home. However, it is much more difficult in the usual environment to get away from everyday life. Already on the discharge days you will notice that it is not so easy to limit your diet. Of course, you are much more tempted at home, but it can be done. Escaping from stress of everyday life, not overestimating your expectations, or setting yourself apart from work is much more difficult. Probably, also fellow human beings will not understand your point and you must justify yourself. In this case a fasting cure in a fasting hotel is much more relaxed and easier to do. In addition, our wellness offer will help you to recreate.

A fasting cure in Bavaria – pure relaxation

We look forward to serving you. The Bavarian Forest with its picturesque surroundings is the perfect place for a relaxed fasting cure.