Fasting and yoga at fasting hotel Ödhof

Fasting and yoga at fasting hotel Ödhof

Today we live in a time in which we are always confronted with the stress of everyday life. Rarely does the opportunity for us to come to rest and to reflect on our own inner world of thoughts. So it is not surprising that more and more people are looking for ways to throw off the burden of everyday life in order to search for their own selves once again.

Fasting in combination with hiking and yoga offers you a gentle way to do exactly that and to purify your body and mind. While you give your body the opportunity to purify and return to its health basis, you can relax. Take a break from all the stress of modern life and recharge your batteries.

The 4-star fasting hotel Ödhof is located in Böbrach, near the climatic health resort of Bodenmais. Located in the midst Bavarian Forest, with stunning views of the Regental valley with the Schwarzer Regen or the surrounding mountains, the landscape that surrounds our fasting hotel, already matches on calm and relaxation to yoga.

Offers of fasting hotel Ödhof

If you are looking for relaxation and would like to combine it with the fasting cure according to Buchinger or Basen fasting, then you are in the right place at our fasting hotel.

Fasting and yoga week

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Fasting-hiking and yoga

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Our fasting hotel is located right on the edge of the forest and our large yoga room offers a scenic view across fields down to the Schwarzer Regen. The romantic idyll of the forest helps you to experience fasting according to individual requirements. The surroundings provides a unique scenery for relaxed hiking and yoga and fits therefore perfectly to your fasting holiday. The fasting hotel Ödhof offers a comprehensive care, if you would like to participate in a fasting with yoga in the Bavarian Forest.