Fasting-hiking and yoga

Fasting-hiking and yoga in the Bavarian Forest

Fasting-hiking and yoga in the Bavarian Forest
  • 7 nights in a comfort double room (please pay attention to our yoga-fasting-hiking-weeks!)
  • 6 large yoga lessons in the morning
  • 6 guided hikes around Bodenmais
  • Buchinger fasting cure or Basen fasting (€20 extra)
  • Accompany by a skilled fasting head
  • Introductory meeting
  • Lecture concerning fasting and nutrition
  • Instructions for fasting measures (liver pack, healing earth, etc.)
  • 1x hydro jet treatment (15 mins)
  • 1x basic footbath (20 mins)

Price per person:
7 overnight stays in Double room 794 € |
Double room for single use 934 €

Accompany us on wonderful tours around Bodenmais and its surroundings and try out our Buchinger fasting methods. As an alternative you can book our fasting-hiking package with Basen fasting.

Fasting-hiking Dates 2020
09.02. - 16.02.2020* 24.05. - 31.05.2020* 06.09. - 13.09.2020*
Fasting-hiking Dates 2021
09.05. - 16.05.2021* 05.09. - 12.09.2021* 07.11. - 14.11.2021*

* Alternative bookable as fasting and yoga week

Discover six guided hiking tours with a length of 6 – 18 kilometers. All hikes start and end at the hotel. An experienced guide will show you hystorical sites, environmental monuments and viewpoints. All hiking tours are chosen by your performance, so you can quit earlier if you must.

Fasting-hiking and yoga: our services at a glace

  • During your stay the luxury of our 4* fasting hotel are at your disposal. Lovely decorated comfort double rooms with balcony, shower/toilette, flat-TV, telephone, kettle and bathrobe for hire in your room.
  • Enjoy and relax in our different saunas, go swimming in our domestic swimming pool or use our gym to support your fasting time. Forget your daily life and focus on your personal fasting time
  • A hydro jet massage and a basic footbath is included. Benefit from our extensive wellness offers, including massages, cosmetics or Ayurveda practices – at affordable prices
  • Personal modification of the fasting days (e. g. 2 discharging days, 7 fasting days, 3 gain days)
  • Breakfast: freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices and teas – in the afternoon and in evening: vegetable juices or home-made vegetable stock*
  • * Alternatively with Basen fasting: basic cereals with nuts, seeds or fruits in the morning; vegetable cream soup in the afternoon and vegan dinner
  • non-carbonated water, mineral water, ginger water, a choose of organic tea
  • Daily routine: ✔ extended yoga courses in the morning ✔ breakfast and meeting concerning fasting ✔ hikes (around 6-18 kilometers) ✔ lunch ✔ relaxing with liver angle, wellness, time to relax ✔ talks and exchange of experiences ✔ relaxation techniques ✔ dinner ✔ time for silence, reading, many activities
  • Intestinal cleansing by Glauber’s salt, irrigator for enema (if you wish), colon-hydrotherapy (possible)
  • Measurement of the state of health and nutritional status by bioelectric impedance analysis (optional)

Hiking, yoga und fasting: hotel Ödhof - An insider tip of the Bavarian Forest

Today, we live in a time when we are always confronted with the stress of everyday life. Our opportunity to come to rest and to reflect on our own inner world of thoughts remains rarely.

It is not surprising that more and more people are searching for ways to throw off the stress of everyday life to go in search of their own selves.

Fasting in combination with hiking and yoga offers you a gentle way to do exactly that and to detoxify your body as well as mentally. While you give your body the opportunity to purify and return to its health base, you can relax. Take a break from the environment of hectic, modern life and recharge your batteries.

The 4* hotel Ödhof is in immediate proximity of the river “Schwarzer Regen”, surrounded by dark forests and light meadows. Far from the noise of the street and the burden of everyday life, you can enjoy the fullness of nature as well as the silence. Just as it is so important for our fasting guests. Many of the beautiful hiking trails in the Bavarian Forest can be explored directly from the hotel. In the surrounding location there is also much to explore. Therefore, this fast-hiking program offers a mixture of interesting hiking routes in the surroundings, as well as selected longer routes to the hiking attractions of the Bavarian Forest.

In autumn you can explore the beautiful "Indian Summer" of the Bavarian Forest, which makes every heart beat faster with its beautiful colours. The different stages and hiking trails are a lot of different eye catchers, along picturesque rivers, ancient ruins and colourful hills and forests. However, the early summer shows the Bavarian Forest in thousands of shades of green when everything sprouts. At that time, it is still not too hot, so the tours are easy to handle.

After every hike you can spoil yourself in the hotel. Make a round in the in-house daylight swimming pool or enjoy the sun rays on the sunbed in the beautiful garden, there is something for every guest. Explore our sauna area with Finnish sauna, organic sauna and steam bath. To relax you can also have a massage or some cosmetics. The balance between rest and movement (hiking) can be nicely combined. Those who have not had enough yet can also use the gym or get wet by playing a round of tennis.

Fasting in the hotel Ödhof is a nice mixture of activity and relaxation, company in the group, but also peace and time for yourself. All rooms have a balcony and as a special advantage we offer our fasting guests the comfort double room for a single room price.

Since this fast-hiking-arrangement is a special program with intensive care, it can only take place in quantity of 6 persons. Book early and secure your place in the fasting group, which will conquer the 8 thousand hikes of the Bavarian Forest.

Price per person:
7 overnight stays in Double room 794 € |
Double room for single use 934 €

Our fasting program

(This is an example; the current program will be adapted in our hotel to the condition of the participants)

Day 1 (to discover) - around 6 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Heidsberg
  • Böbrach Mühle

Day 2 - around 10 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Asbach
  • Böbrach

Day 3 - around 19 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Gumpenried
  • Burgruine Altnußberg

Day 4 - around 12 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Harlachberg
  • Märchenalm
  • Maria am Stein
  • Stein
  • Böbrach

Day 5 - around 9 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Sternknöckl
  • Böbrach

Day 6 - around 12 kilometers

  • Böbrach
  • Asbach
  • Frath
  • Böbrach

The arrival for our Yoga fasting arrangements start in our house regularly on Sunday. A tour of the house will take place at 4:30 p.m., as well as an introductory meeting of fasting at 5:00 p.m. We therefore suggest being there between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. You can also arrive on other days.

Price per person:
7 overnight stays in Double room 794 € |
Double room for single use 934 €