Fasting-hiking in the Bavarian Forest

Fasting-hiking at fasting hotel Ödhof

Today, we live in a time when we are always confronted with the stress of everyday life. Our opportunity to come to rest and to reflect on our own inner world of thoughts remains rarely. It is not surprising that more and more people are searching for ways to throw off the stress of everyday life to go in search of their own selves.

Fasting in combination with hiking and yoga offers you a gentle way to do exactly that and to detoxify your body as well as mentally. While you give your body the opportunity to purify and return to its health base, you can relax. Take a break from the environment of hectic, modern life and recharge your batteries.

The 4* hotel Ödhof is in immediate proximity of the river “Schwarzer Regen”, surrounded by dark forests and light meadows. Far from the noise of the street and the burden of everyday life, you can enjoy the fullness of nature as well as the silence. Just as it is so important for our fasting guests. Many of the beautiful hiking trails in the Bavarian Forest can be explored directly from the hotel. In the surrounding location there is also much to explore. Therefore, this fast-hiking program offers a mixture of interesting hiking routes in the surroundings, as well as selected longer routes to the hiking attractions of the Bavarian Forest.

Offers of fasting hotel Ödhof

If you are searching for relaxation and recreation and want to combine it with a Buchinger and Basen fasting cure, you are exactly at the right place.


Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner or alternatively Basen fasting. Moreover, you can explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. read more →

Fasting-hiking across the eight thousand-meter peaks

Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner (alternative Basen fasting). Moreover, you will explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. The highlight is the elevated hike across the eight thousend-meter peaks. read more →

The romantic idyll of the forest is ideal for experiencing fasting as like you wish. The surroundings provide the varied scenery for relaxed hiking with all your senses and is therefore for your fasting holiday. The Fastenhotel Ödhof offers an extensive service if you would like to participate in a fasting hike in the Bavarian Forest.

The Bavarian Forest - A first-class hiking paradies

The Bavarian Forest National Park around Bodenmais

The Bavarian Forest is the leading resort for hikers in Germany. Therefore, you will often hear the name "green roof of Europe". The landscape is pure, and you can rediscover the pure fascination of nature here.

Bodenmais, surrounded by this unique natural jewel, calls itself with good reason the "pearl of the Bavarian forest". A hiking holiday near this place allows you to experience unspoiled nature with all your senses while hiking. As a result of the unexpected quality development in tourism, Bodenmais got the HolidayCheck Destination Award of the year 2012 and moreover the title of "most hospitable and popular holiday resort in Germany". The leading tourist community is characterized by the healthy, because all around wooded high mountain climate and has the seal of quality "health resort".

Hike in the nature park and Bavarian Forest National Park around this tranquil place and enjoy yourself. The local government is famous for its bioclimate and excellent air quality, as well as for the extraordinary, unspoiled nature. Health and wellness are very important here, because in this health resort you will find a wide range of health-promoting measures for all needs.

Fasting-hiking in the Bavarian Forest

The climate of the Bavarian Forest National Park excellent for the physical recreation. Would you like to be physically active again? Then you have come to the right place, because fasting in this hospitable Bavarian forest region stands for a special kind of nature experience. The wonderful aroma of the surrounding forest inspires young and old people. The jungle allows you to experience unique moments and offers countless picturesque hiking trails for all tastes and endurance.

The guided hikes will show you romantic forests with picturesque landscapes, through green meadows and bays, past waterfalls or forest streams. Here you will get your money's worth and admire the region in its uniqueness. There are numerous hiking trails with flat paths that lead through open terrain. The area also offers panoramic mountain trails and magnificent views of the whole area of the 8-thousand-meter mountain range.

Fasting and fasting-hiking

Fasting means enjoying the pure life

People who have not fasted yet, often think it’s like being hungry. For example, many people immediately think of negative words like diet or calorie counting, if they imagine they do not eat. Fasting is often equated with prohibitions and strict discipline, because it is difficult to imagine how long hikes without eating should be possible.

However, fasting is so much more than do not to eat for a while. Fasting by Buchinger uses only a minimal number of calories in the form of fruit and vegetable juices, teas and vegetable stock. However, the fasting cure has many methods to prepare the body perfectly for the limited number of calories and convert.

This type of fasting is a kind of calorie-modified fasting and bears the name of the German fasting physician Otto Buchinger for a good reason. So it is no torture and also possible to fast over a longer period of time - you will experience your own limits on a different way. Glauber's salt and enemas help to empty and cleanse the intestine. As a result, you no longer feel hungry and are willing to fast much easier.

Fasting offers enormous health benefits. The body is freed from accumulated toxins and metabolic by-products, such as cholesterol and uric acid, and the risk of ignition decreases. In our experience, this leads to a pain reduction and to improved mobility.

Alternativly: Basen fasting and fasting-hiking

Also Basen fasting detoxifies. This type of fasting contains the abandonment of all acidifying foods whose excessive consumption leads to many physical problems. However, as you continue to eat solid foods 3 times a day, this method of fasting is ideal for those who cannot imagine the complete abandonment of food.

Fasting-hiking - the perfect complement to fasting

Fasting at our hotel means that you choose what is good for you. This means you learn more about yourself and therefore you are the only one who knows what is good for you. Therefore, we offer our fasting hikes with Buchinger fasting, as well as the Basen fasting. Secondly, you can choose by yourself if you want to go on an extensive hike and take in all the beautiful impressions and views.

Fasting in the the 8-thousand peaks is a pleasant break from everyday life. Many people experienced in fasting tell that they have learned during this time to look at themselves and see their life in a different light. You realize what you are doing in everyday life and think about what’s important.

While fasting and during such a cure, you will see yourself and your life situation in another way. Maybe you will plan changes in your lifestyle which will have a long-term effect on your well-being. At the end of a fasting cure, you will notice that your taste has changed and you that your feeling of fullness will be much more intense again. Eating becomes a special pleasure that you can appreciate much more.

Fasting and hiking - a beautiful combination

What happens during fasting

However, you will ask yourself what happens to your organism during Buchinger fasting cure and how it should still be possible to be physically active. But against all expectations, hiking during a fasting week is an ideal way.

Although the storage tanks are empty, movement during this time is very important in order to achieve the greatest possible positive effect. Gentle physical activity stimulates the metabolism and the blood circulation. As a result breathing is increased and more oxygen gets into the brain and cells. In return, cell toxins and metabolic end products can be brought to their destination in the liver, kidneys, skin or lungs, and then excreted. This ensures that it does not come, or maybe only in medically negligible extent, to a decline of the important muscle mass.

Fast and archieve your aim with fun

After a completely natural mild discomfort of the first few days and after your body has adjusted to the new way of life, you can do gentle exercise without any problems. Fasting is particularly beneficial in this context, as the type of movement is slow, leisurely and completely without any stress and involves nothing more than the natural process of walking. Hiking becomes a trend again, as it represents an ideal alternative to the sports in which the body is overworked.

The nature of hiking, enjoying the environment and taking in all its beautiful aspects in peace, is especially attractive in the age of speed. When walking, you can bring body and soul back into harmony - that's what fasting characterises. Fasting-hiking provides the ideal, suitable combination for a deceleration.

Spending time in the fresh air provides the organism with additional oxygen and fresh energy. The self-determined speed which you can adjust to your individual needs, makes sure that the body is not unnecessarily burdened. Fasting does not mean having to be a professional athlete but should bring a nice mind and be another incentive to end the fasting period successfully. With happiness the way to reach achieve an aim is much more fun. At the same time, with regular exercise, the effects of a fasting week are quickly felt and visible.

Fasting-hiking at hotel Ödhof - the best way to cleanse your body and mind

You can especially remark the advantages of fasting-hiking in our fasting hotel Ödhof, far away from modern life and all the stress. Here you can jump directly into a beautiful fasting-hike adventure.

Relaxed hikes in picturesque, natural forests are the perfect way during your fasting cure. The numerous hiking paths, which you can explore, are characterised by flat routes, which you can handle while fasting without any problems.

Our offers concerning fasting include an extended program of guided hikes in the region which accompany the Buchinger fasting hiking cure or alternative the Basen fasting. As a result, fasting hiking in our hotel will be an extraordinary vacation.

You throw away all the stress of daily life in a contemplative way. You will find your way back to your own self and consequently you will feel completely satisfied, fit and healthy. After a fasting stay at the Hotel Ödhof you are ready to meet the hurdles of everyday life.


Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner or alternatively Basen fasting. Moreover, you can explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. read more →

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Fasting-hiking across the eight thousand-meter peaks

Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner (alternative Basen fasting). Moreover, you will explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. The highlight is the elevated hike across the eight thousend-meter peaks. read more →

14 overnight stays in Double room 1454 € |
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Fasting-hiking and yoga

Buchinger / Lützner fasting methods (alternatively Basen fasting) with fasting-hiking and yoga in the Bavarian Forest read more →

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