Slight fasting cure according to Hildegard von Bingen - spelt fasting

Fasting cure according to Hildegard von Bingen in the Bavarian Forest

Fasting cure according to Hildegard von Bingen at fasting hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest
  • 7 overnight accommodations in a comfort double room
  • Introductory meeting concerning fasting
  • 1x sea salt footbath
  • 1x moor package
  • 1x hydro jet massage (15 mins)
  • 1x purifiying body package 
  • Sports and activity program including 3 hikes, water gymnastics, relaxation techniques, etc.
  • Lecture program concerning fasting and nutrition

The easiest form of fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen is the spelt fasting method. You do not stop entirely eating, because the aim of this fasting method is primarily a discharge of the digestive tract. The intestine, liver and kidneys are relieved and thus have free capacity to detoxify and purify the connective tissue. The Hildegard fasting cure offers 3 meals a day, mainly made with spelled products, fresh fruits and vegetables. It is seasoned with the well-known Hildegard spices such as galangal or psyllium seeds.

Fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen (spelt fasting) - all services at a glace

  • During your stay the luxury of our 4* fasting hotel are at your disposal. Lovely furnished comfort double rooms with balcony, shower/toilette, flat TV, telephone, kettle and bathrobe for hire in your room. For our fasting guests there are comfort double rooms at the price of a single room.
  • Enjoy and relax in our different saunas, go swimming in our domestic swimming pool or use our gym to support your fasting time. Forget your daily life and focus on your personal fasting time.
  • Benefit from our extensive wellness offers, including massages, cosmetics or Ayurveda treatments – at affordable prices. A sea salt footbath, a hay pack and a discharging body pack are already included.
  • Breakfast: spelt porridge - in the afternoon and in the evening: vegetable cream soup or a vegan vegetable meals
  • Non-carbonated water, mineral water, organic Hildegard von Bingen herbal tea
  • Workshop on nutrition according to Hildegard, remedies as well as herbs and spices (from a group of 5 persons)
  • Daily routine: ✔ breakfast and meeting concerning fasting ✔ lunch ✔ relaxing with liver pack, wellness, time to relax ✔ dinner ✔ time for silence, reading, many activities
  • Sports and activity program: hikes (3x a week), relaxation techniques (e. g. dream vacation, muscle relaxation), yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking – the program changes every week.9. Lecture concerning fasting and nutrition.
  • Lecture program concerning fasting and nutrition
  • Intestinal cleansing with "Birnbrei", psyllium seeds, colon-hydrotherapy (possible)