For a fasting cure to the Bavarian Forest

A fasting cure in the Bavarian Forest - self-purification and relaxation

Fasting cures help to free people from the physical and mental stress of everyday life. However, there are very different ways and possibilities. Depending on individual requirements, you can decide which different methods of fasting you wish. The most common cures, such as fasting according to Buchinger or Basen fastening, can be found the whole the year in our offer. As a rule, these cures always start on Sundays. Often, our fasting guests choose 7 days fasting, so that the fasting week with an activity and sports program, as well as information events and lectures is ideally suited to it. Of course, longer fasting cures offer the greatest possible benefits for health, mind and well-being.

Fasting cure according to Buchinger - active

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x hay packages. Fasting in group. read more →

Basen fasting

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x basic footbath, 1x hydro jet massage. Basen fasting in group. read more →

Healthy fasting with various fasting cures

The range of different forms of fasting cures is great. Starting with the strict refusal of solid food, the water or tea fasting, to cures with lots of vegetables, fruits or carbohydrates - the range of currently popular and offered fasting cures is extensive. What they all have in common is the renunciation, both physically and mentally, and a return to the essentials. Therefore, it is particularly advantageous not to perform such a fasting cure at home. For everyday life is very important to us and unnecessarily reduces fasting to the physical level.

Eine Heilfastenkur im Hotel Ödhof

In our fasting hotel there are five different varieties of fasting available. Choose the method and duration of stay and adapt it to your own needs and possibilities. You can book following offers:

  • Fasting cure according to doctor Buchinger / doctor Lützner
  • Basen fasting cures
  • Fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen
  • Ayurveda fasting
  • Intermittent fasting cures

Which fasting cure is right for you depends strongly on your own wishes, requirements and of course the fasting aim. There are different targets that you can pursue while fasting. A reorganisation, detoxification and purification, a successful start to a new diet, more exercise in everyday life, valuable tips concerning food or fitness, reduction of stress, reduction of weight - the list is almost endless. The important thing is that you define your own fasting aim and put it into action. Especially then, when everyday life catches up with you after the fasting cure. The daily routine should be adapted to these targets concerning diet and lifestyle, exercise and fitness or rest periods.

Fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen

✔ wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures. Fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen in the Bavarian Forest. read more →

A fasting cure in order to reduce weight

If weight loss is the primary aim of the planned fasting cure, then you should be aware in advance that this process is not completed within 7 days or 2 weeks at our fasting hotel. Whether you can lose many kilos during a fasting cure, the most important thing is to take care to a healthy diet and a right lifestyle after your visit.

Due to the initial weight loss, fasting according to doctor Otto Buchinger is on the peak. But especially for weight loss, you should take the intermittent fasting or the flexi fasting in the short list, because a temporary, short-term weight loss is irrelevant if you want to reduce your weight permanently. Further nutrition and the non-negligible lifestyle play a much bigger role after fasting. Especially a regular exercise and physical activity, as well as wellness for the soul should be integrated regularly into your everyday life. Although the weight reduction during the fasting cure is a nice and positive side effect, fasting should lead to a break with the daily eating habits and lifestyle.

If you eat after fasting, as you have done before your cure, weight will be gained again. After all, the body behaves like a "sponge" and literally sucks up the food it has made available in order to promote the regeneration and restructuring of the body. Here you can find a fasting cure for beginners into a new diet and a new way of life. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds and seedlings provide the optimal "building material" for the cell renewal, but they also provide essential vitamins, minerals and secondary plant products for a healthy and balanced diet.

How much weight can I lose during a fasting cure?

How many kilos you lose during a fasting cure depends essentially on three factors. On the one hand, of course, of one's own starting situation, because whoever has a high initial weight can also lose a lot during a fasting cure. Furthermore, the fasting method and the fast duration are of crucial importance.

It should also be noted that you lose a lot of weight during the fasting period, which comes back in a normal diet. During fasting, the body is dehydrated and loses certain energy reserves, e.g. the glycogen. If you drain at the beginning or during fasting, you also lose weight of the intestinal contents, about 1.5 - 2 kgs. Of course, all these components are re-accumulated by the body after the end of the fasting cure. While Buchinger fasting you can assume that you can lose per fasting day in about 300-600 grams body weight, with Basen fasting, it is up to 4 kg a week. In general, however, it is common for men to lose weight much more easily and more weight.

The fasting cure - A vacation to purify and detoxify

In general, the main reason for a fasting cure is to free the body from unnecessary ballast. In natural medicine, this process is also called purification. All substances and especially metabolic end products that have accumulated over time in our organism, do not have their place there and that we would like to become free from them again, are summarized in natural medicine under this umbrella term of the slags.

During the fasting cure, the body does not have enough energy from food which is provided from outside. That's why the body lives from reserves during this time. These reserves are on the one hand the so-called slags, but can also be important components for the body, such as the muscles. That is why it is important to set the right signals during a fasting cure in order not to lose the structures that are important for the body. This is one of the reasons why sport and exercise in the fresh air are one of the most important fasting measures.

How often should i fast?

Some fasting methods, such as intermittent fasting, can be used as a permanent nutrition for or as diet. However, it is more common for fasting to be limited to a certain period of time, to perform it as a cure. We are often asked how often it makes sense to make such a fasting cure. This cannot be answered so easy. In general, however, it can be said that you can achieve very positive effects with 1-2 fasting cures a year. Basen fasting can be practiced more often or made in a modified form in everyday life. The most important thing is that you also collect your own experience and adjust the frequency of fasting to your individual needs.