Purify and detoxify – wellness for inside and outside

Purifying week in the Bavarian Forest

Purifying and detoxifying in fasting hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest
  • 7 overnight accommodations in a comfort double room
  • Healthy basic full board
  • Green smoothies
  • 2x detox massages
  • 2x basic body packages
  • 2x moor packages for the liver to support the detoxification

Price per person:
7 overnight stays in Double room 888 € |
Single room 993 €

If you want to purify and detoxify your body, our detox week is exactly right for you. Healthy basic nutrition without calorie restriction combined with various wellness treatments to relax and feel good will make you forget everyday life. Wellness for inside and outside! A firmer skin and a healthy aura will come by itself.

Purification week - all services at a glace

  • During your stay the luxury of our 4* fasting hotel are at your disposal. Lovely furnished comfort double rooms with balcony, shower/toilette, flat TV, telephone, kettle and bathrobe for hire in your room. For our fasting guests there are comfort double rooms at the price of a single room.
  • Enjoy and relax in our different saunas, go swimming in our domestic swimming pool or use our gym to support your fasting time. Forget your daily life and focus on your personal fasting time.
  • Benefit from our extensive wellness offers, including 2 detox massages, 2 body packs and 2 moor packs for the liver.
  • Basic diet - healthy full-board instead of the usual half-board.
  • Breakfast: basic cereals with fresh seasonal fruits, dried fruits, various nuts and seeds, such as linseeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
  • Daily: green smoothie
  • Lunch: vegetable cream soup with seasonal vegetables, e.g. carrot coconut cream soup, potato soup or pumpkin soup with pumpkin seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Dinner: vegan meal with seasonal vegetable, e.g. zucchini lasagne with almond cream, cauliflower potato gratin or savoy roles filled with mushrooms

Price per person:
7 overnight stays in Double room 888 € |
Single room 993 €