For a Basen fasting cure to Bavaria

The basic rules of a Basen fasting cure

A Basen fasting cure holiday is the current trend to do something for the health and well-being of the body, even if only a few days off. However, A fasting cure according to Buchinger seems too radical to some people, especially because they find it difficult to estimate how their body reacts to voluntary abstinence from solid foods? It seems much more pleasant to make a Basen fasting cure, because you may continue to eat, yes, indulgence is even in the foreground.

Targeted omission also plays a crucial role in a base fasting cure. That means that you renounce primarily to all acid producers in the nutrition, these are essentially animal protein in the form of meat, fish and milk products, and grains.

On the other hand, are the following key points in the Basen fasting cure in the foreground.

  • The food contains as many vital substances (vitamins, minerals, secondary phytochemicals) as possible, but no more calories than necessary.
  • Basen fasting is healthy, because you relieve, deacidify, purify and detoxify your body during the cure.
  • All the ingredients are all-natural. Food supplements, preservatives, artificial flavours, etc. are not needed.
  • Enjoyment is important. To enjoy with all senses have to be learned.

Healthy nutrition is a prerequisite for your Basen fasting cure. Drinking, relaxation and sports are also significant.

Which foods contains a Basen fasting cure?

During the Basen cure, it is important to have as many vital substances as possible, especially following substances are important: vitamins, minerals and secondary phytonutrients. These are especially present in fresh vegetables, fruits, seedlings and herbs. In our organism, vegetables etc. are metabolized basically and thus offer many bases to remove an existing acidification in the body.

Nuts and seeds, especially linseeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, also play an important role. They provide valuable unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, among other things the valuable omega-3 fatty acids.

However, it is very important in a Basen cure to forgo acid producers. In addition to animal protein, such as meat and milk products, as well as grains, these include all luxury foods such as coffee, alcohol and sweets. Therefore, it is not surprising that even after a Basen cure, an important reset of the body has taken place and the entry into a long-term diet change will become much easier.

Drinking at the Basen fasting cure

Drinking is of crucial importance in a Basen fasting cure, because the type, quantity and quality of the drinks affects the success of it strongly. Enough liquid ensures that cell toxins and slags can be removed from the cells and connective tissue and be carried to excretion. On the other hand, a balanced water balance ensures that all cells can be optimally supplied with nutrients.

Of course, water is the first choice in a Basen fasting cure. It should be a non-carbonated water, because mineral water contains acid in the form of carbonic acid. Herbal teas can positively support the detoxification and excretory function of the liver and kidneys. It is advantageous to grab to local herbs in organic quality.

Relaxation supports the Basen fasting cure

Relaxation is in a way the opposite of stress. Stress is transmitted in the body via hormones, which are all acids. Therefore, it is beneficial to actively seek and promote relaxation during a Basen fasting cure. In a fasting hotel there are of course a few options, such as the extensive range of massages, wellness and cosmetics. But also reading a book or dozing in the sun leads to the necessary rest and relaxation.

Our Basen fasting cure contains special suggestions for relaxing during a dream trip meditation or an hour yoga or muscle relaxation according to Jacobson.

Certainly you will find your suitable offer among the many possibilities.

Sports and activity program during the Basen fasting cure

During a Basen fasting cure, you usually have more time to do exercises actively. Among other things, the swimming pool and the gym are at your disposal for individual training. In addition, we offer weekly 3 hikes or also Nordic walking, yoga and water aerobics as part of our sports and activity program.

Sport is especially important in case of a Basen fasting cure, because in sport more keto acids are excreted via the breathing. Especially, movement in fresh air is beneficial to the organism. The oxygen reacts basically and helps to reduce acidification. The Bavarian Forest Nature Park with its picturesque views of the meadows, playful waterfalls around the Arbersee lakes or unlimited hiking trails offer numerous opportunities to enjoy the pure nature.

The difference between basic diet and a Basen fasting cure.

The term basic diet suggests that it is just a synonym for a Basen fasting cure, but that's not the case. During a Basen fastin cure only basic foods are allowed, in the basic nutrition, good acid producers are also an important part of the daily food intake. That is why we also speak of bases-rich nutrition.

These include lean meats, fish and milk products as well as legumes and whole grains. It all depends on the right combination of bases and acid producers. Since the human body consists 80% of bases and 20% acids, a diet in the same ratio is advantageous. That means you should eat four times more bases producers than acid producers.

That means that you should mainly eat potatoes, vegetables and salad. Meat and fish are the side dish. Important tips, suggestions and information can be found in our lecture program concerning fasting and nutrition.

In our fasting hotel you can do both - book your Basen fasting cure or allow yourself a little break with a basic cuisine.

Acidification and acid-base balance

Conventional medicine finds the term acidification difficult. In some way, it is right, because acidification of the blood would be fatal, so we could not survive. The acid-base balance ensures that different mechanisms are used to prevent it.

Our organism has developed many buffer mechanisms that ensure it to maintain the pH of the blood at 7.4. For example, carbon dioxide can be expelled as carbon dioxide by increased respiration. Or uric acid is expelled through the kidneys. The liver also has an important detoxification function.

However, if exactly these buffer mechanisms are very heavily used and work at the utmost limit, then the alternative medicine speaks of a so-called acidification. There are mild forms and signs, e.g. cellulite or backache and joint pains up to arthritis, rheumatism, gout or osteoporosis.

Degenerative changes cannot be reversed with a Basen fasting cure or basic nutrition. But experiences have shown that a diet change to basic food leads to a reduction of pain up to freedom from pain, a better well-being and moreover, it prevents diseases.

How does a Basen fasting cure works in a hotel?

Similar to the Buchinger fasting, the Basen fasting is used as a cure and can be perfectly combined with a Basen fasting cure holiday in a fasting hotel. So you can escape from everyday life and stress, which often already has a positive effect.

Of course, it is also easier to spoil yourself culinary. In our fasting hotel there is guaranteed the right basic foods.

Discharging at a Basen fasting cure?

Since you continue to eat at the Basen fasting cure, it is not mandatory to defecate. Nevertheless, defecating offers several advantages and is therefore recommended. Thus, indigestion are rare, since the intestine was well-cleaned. Adapting to smaller portions is generally easier. If do not tolerate Glauber's salt, you can choose a colon hydrotherapy as an alternative.

How often can i do a Basen fasting cure?

You can do a Basen fasting cure several times a year without any problems and as a result your metabolism will be supported. Since this is not always possible in a beautiful fasting hotel in picturesque surroundings, such as the Bavarian Forest, you can also integrate the Basen fasting in a modified form in everyday life. So it is advantageous to have a Basen fasting day per week, or to make a Basen fasting weekend after an exhausting project.

Can I lose weight by a Basen fasting cure?

Experiences has shown, that our fasting guests lose 1 – 4 kilograms during a Basen fasting cure. Of course, this depends on the starting situation, the sporting activity and not least the gender. According to our experience, men are losing weight faster and more.

It is important that a diet change to basic food takes place. Then you can secure the result of weight loss and slowly approach your ideal weight with the help of basic nutrition.

Who can make a Basen fasting cure?

Everyone can make a Basen fasting cure, because the cure is adapted to the individual needs. Whether food allergies or intolerances are present, there is often an improvement by Basen fasting. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can simply use basic diet instead of Basen Fasting, which is especially beneficial for mother and child.

Basen fasting cure holiday in Bavaria

We look forward to your visit. We are sure, that the Bavarian Forest with its clean air, unspoiled nature, picturesque landscapes and several hiking paths will contribute to your recovery.