Basen fasting – vacation in 4-star hotel in the Bavarian Forest

What is Basen fasting?

Basen fasting is a fasting method specifically designed to stimulate and cleanse and deacidify body functions. Basen fasting is also often called nutrition according to the "Wacker Method", according to the co-founder and author, Sabine Wacker. Basen fasting during holiday is often used for weight loss, although the detoxification and the reduction of acidification is the main reason.

What is the aim of Basen fasting?

As like the fasting cure according to Buchinger, the aim is to purify and detoxify the body through a modified form of nutrition, to relieve the tissues and metabolism and to help retain vitality. But also the mental fasting should not be neglected at a Basen fasting holiday, because stress also promotes acidification. Often a week of base-fasting also helps to re-evaluate the intake of drugs and to rethink the necessity of taking them, because drugs are also a major acid burden on our metabolism. Equally important is the movement in the fresh air, because of the Oxygen has a strong base-forming effect and the physical activity ensures that the acids (metabolic end products) can be excreted.

Omission, that is an essential difference to the traditional fasting offers. Of course, as with all other fasting methods, Basen fasting intent is to maintain good health and prevent diseases that are promoted by acidity.

Basen fasting vacation in fasting hotel Ödhof

For many years we have been offering successful Basen fasting vacation with 100% base-forming and base-rich meals in the fasting hotel Ödhof. In each of our offers we pay attention to the following points:

  • extensive offer to relax - wellness for the soul with muscle relaxation according to Jacobson or meditation exercises,
  • varied sports and activity program with hiking, yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking or water aerobics,
  • comprehensive lecture program on fasting and nutrition topics, as well as tips and suggestions on how to use the knowledge you have learned at home, and
  • daily fasting hours for individual care of our fasting guests.

Basen fasting

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x basic footbath, 1x hydro jet massage. Basen fasting in group. read more →

Basic nutrition

It does not always have to be base fasting. Enjoy a healthy basic full board and combine this with a basic nutrition instead of a half board. read more →

In our house, we especially focus on many suggestions and opportunities and on the fact that you enjoy the security of the community. However, we also offer a lot of freedom for individual design. That also applies for Basen fasting. It is important to calm, to reflect on the essentials and to re-evaluate where you are.

The highlight of our Basen-fasting-week offer, the Basen fasting workshop, is always popular. Here we create together in group a delicious meal. Unlike the lecture on basic nutrition topics, you can play an active role here. Here we can then clarify the questions of everyday life, because sometimes it's just the very small changes in our daily diet that make the big changes in your lifestyle.

Fasting-hiking across the eight thousand-meter peaks

Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner (alternative Basen fasting). Moreover, you will explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. The highlight is the elevated hike across the eight thousend-meter peaks. read more →


Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner or alternatively Basen fasting. Moreover, you can explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. read more →

If you do not want to do to the classic fasting cure but to detoxify your body in a gentle way, then soup fasting is exactly the right thing for you. If you want to detoxify your body with a simple detox cure, you can book our purification week.

Soup fasting

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x basic footbath, 1x hydro jet massage. Soup fasting in group. read more →

Purification week

It does not always have to be base fasting. Enjoy a healthy basic full board and combine this with a detox wellness package. read more →

How does Basen fasting work in our hotel?

Basen fasting on vacation means voluntarily learning how to give up food habits for a limited period of time and cancelling anything that would be acid-forming for 1-2 weeks from the nutritional plan. Basen fasting is a mild fasting form, because unlike traditional fasting, solid foods are limited supplied. Therefore, Basen fasting is especially suitable for those of us who cannot imagine completely foregoing food.

Basen fasting at the hotel can be the beginning to a healthier and more conscious life, because you get valuable tips, suggestions and recipes on how to make a base-rich nutritional plan. Enjoy carefree, without being plagued by a feeling of fullness, belching or sore throat.

The time after Basen fasting is therefore particularly suitable for a permanent change of your own diet. It is recommended to take a base-rich diet. The most important products are still a lot of vegetables, fruits and non-carbonated water as a healthy base. If you do so, you will permanently provide yourself with many valuable vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients without having to have a strict diet.

How do I eat during the fasting cure holiday?

As already mentioned, Basen fasting does not mean stopping completely to eat. Therefore, it is strictly speaking no fasting, but is often called part fasting or strict diet. The foods you consume are exclusively base-forming foods. The bottom line is: as many vital substances as possible, as few calories as necessary.

Start the day with delicious basic cereals made from fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. For lunch and dinner there are vegetables and salad in many variations, e.g. as a delicious “Basen” soup, creamy vegetable gratin, crunchy raw salad or savory stir-fried vegetables. Basen fasting in the hotel is particularly attractive, since you put the responsibility of the selection of the suitable ingredients, as well as their careful preparation, into the hands of experienced nutrition advisors and cooks. You can fully devote yourself to the beautiful side of fasting. In addition, you will receive a lot of information for a proper base-rich diet after your Basen fasting cure.

Choosing the right products is a bit easier with the base-rich diet at home. Because unlike a Basen cure, make sure that you eat predominantly, but not exclusively, basic. The bottom line is that you consume about 900 to 1,000 kcal per day on Basen fasting. However, you do not need to be hungry, the large selection of vegetable dishes and fruit variations will last long. You can also effectively counteract the yo-yo effect by useing some of the tips and tricks you have received at home and adjusting your eating habits.

What are the effects of Basen fasting?

The omission of certain food groups, as practiced in Basen fasting, makes it possible to reduce existing acidification of the body, to reduce inflammations and to initiate important healing processes. Especially nutrition-related diseases, such as high blood pressure or type II diabetes can be positively influenced by a fully basic diet. According to our experiences, rheumatic diseases also react to a base-rich diet with a reduction of pain and increasing mobility of the joints.

What supporting measures does Basen fasting have?

Basen fasting is positively influenced by all measures that support the detoxification organs in their work. These include liver, skin, kidneys and lungs. It is important to stimulate the metabolism to reduce and detoxify existing acidification. Decisive aids are healing clay, lemon water, breathing and relaxation exercises, as well as physical activity.

A daily supply of basic powder is not necessary. We consider Basen fasting to be a holistic method that helps the body to regain healthy self-regulation.

Steam baths, relaxing saunas and brush massages support your Basen fasting cure. Different water treatments, such as the “Kneippen”, wellness, massages and packs help to reduce acidification.

Another advantage for fasting is the fresh air of our beautiful area in the Bavarian Forest. Without industry and a lot of nature, these surroundings offer perfect conditions for a successful Basen fasting holiday in our hotel.

What application possibilities does a Basen cure offer?

Basen fasting is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. A Basen fasting cure is completely without food with the greatest allergy potential:

  • animal protein, e.g. eggs
  • milk products and
  • grains.

But also fructose intolerance or histamine intolerance are not a problem, the Basen cure can be easily customized. In fact, experience has shown that these intolerances are no longer a problem, as animal protein, milk products and grains are eliminated, which burden it extra.

Another advantage is that it is not the main topic to stop eating. Especially people who are not prepared for a fasting cure, can make a Basen fasting cure without any problems or fasting crises.

After Basen fasting, we recommend a so-called post-treatment in order to maintain the positive effect that you have achieved during fasting for a long time, to slowly get used to certain products and to deacidify for longer. At least 1 week but better 2 weeks of raw food, vegan or basic diet have a very positive effect. All 3 proposed nutrition methods have a bases-forming effect on the body, compensate acidifications and are a good basis for a lasting healthy diet change.

The traditional fasting method according to Buchinger can be accompanied by a slight acidification, a so-called “fasting acidosis”. A Basen diet with a lot of vegetables and fruits during the construction days helps.

It is not uncommon for you to see and feel the first successes after a week of Basen fasting. Experience has shown following points: a visible tightening of the body silhouette, shining eyes, positive effects on the skin appearance and in general a great well-being. Obviously, you also lose body weight during Basen fasting, up to 4 kg are possible in one week. Losing weight is not the focus of Basen fasting, but of course a welcome side effect. Daily activities such as yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking, hiking and of course relaxation and wellness are solid elements. Massages or liver wrap to support the detoxification function of the liver, as well as relaxing in a pleasant atmosphere are also included.

What happens after the fasting cure?

Right after the cure, it is probably especially easy to implement the new knowledge and to take bases-rich food for a long time. Even small changes already show great health effects. Two “Basen” days a week, especially without meat, finished products, sweets and alcohol, bring new energy and enjoyment of exercise. Also, a long-term stabilization of body weight is possible - healthy weight loss without a diet. Foods that you should eat on such Basen fasting days are mainly fresh vegetables and salad in all variations. If you can tolerate it well, you can also have it in form of raw food.

What does conventional medicine say?

The acid-base balance of the human organism is part of homeostasis. These are regulating processes in the body, which ensure that certain controlled variables remain in the vital area. The measure of the acid-base balance is the pH value. In blood, the value should be 7.35 - 7.45. In other compartments of the body, the pH value varies from very acidic, e.g. in the stomach to basic, e.g. in the small intestine. This is necessary in order to positively influence and restrict physiological reactions, but it is also used for defence mechanisms in the body. In blood, the acid-base balance is regulated by buffer systems. These include the bicarbonate buffer, the protein buffer, the hemoglobin buffer and the phosphate buffer. Decisive organs in connection with these buffer systems are the lungs and the kidneys.

Obviously, they play a decisive role in Basen fasting. You can support them by various measures which are especially important while doing a Basen fasting cure.

Our fasting programs start regularly on Sunday. A tour of the house will take place at 4:30 p.m., as well as an introductory meeting of fasting at 5:00 p.m. We therefore recommend arriving on Sundays between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. Arriving on other days is always possible.