Fasting cure according to Ayurveda

Ayurveda fasting cure in the Bavarian Forest

Ayurveda fasting at fasting hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest
  • 9 or 12 overnight accommodations in a comfort double room
  • Introductory meeting
  • 1x detoxifying Garshan - silk glove massage
  • 1x soothing and detoxifying Abhyanga full-body oil massage
  • Sports and activity program: 3 hikes, water aerobics, yoga, …
  • Lecture concerning fasting and nutrition
  • 10% discount for further treatments compared to the regular price

Price per person:
8 overnight stays in Double room 949 € | Single room 1069 €
12 overnight stays in Double room 1289 € | Single room 1469 €

The Ayurvedic fasting cure lasts 11 days: it consists of 3 days of discharge, 5 days of fasting and 3 gain days. For guests who cannot spend the entire stay in our house, we offer a shortened version for 8 nights. You spend the last day of discharge and the first gain day in our centre for health and nutrition, while you can carry out the first two days of discharge and the last two gain days of independently according to our instructions at home.

Fasting cure according to Ayurveda - all services at a glace

  • During your stay the luxury of our 4* fasting hotel are at your disposal. Lovely furnished comfort double rooms with balcony, shower/toilette, flat TV, telephone, kettle and bathrobe for hire in your room. For our fasting guests there are comfort double rooms at the price of a single room.
  • Enjoy and relax in our different saunas, go swimming in our domestic swimming pool or use our gym to support your fasting time. Forget your daily life and focus on your personal fasting time.
  • Benefit from our extensive wellness offers, including massages, cosmetics or Ayurveda practices – at affordable prices. An Abhyanga and a Grashan massage are already included
  • Individual adjustment of the fasting days (e. g. 1 relief day, 5 fasting days, 2 build-up day)
  • Ayurvedic tongue scraper
  • Breakfast: detoxification drink – lunch: Ayurvedic meal (usually a soup)
  • Ayurvedic herbal tea according to your constitution and ginger water
  • Workshop to produce typical Ayurvedic ingredients, e.g. Ghee (from 5 persons)
  • Daily routine: ✔ breakfast and meeting concerning fasting ✔ lunch ✔ relaxing with liver pack, wellness, time to relax ✔ dinner on discharge or buiild-up days ✔ time for silence, reading, many activities
  • Sports and activity program: hikes (3 times a week), relaxation techniques (e. g. dream vacation, muscle relaxation), yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking – the program changes every week.
  • Lecture concerning fasting and nutrition
  • Intestinal cleansing, colon-hydrotherapy (possible)
  • Measurement of the state of health and nutritional status by bioelectric impedance analysis (optional)
  • Further treatments, such as oil treatments, oil enemas or enemas can be booked on request. For each additional treatment (Ayurveda, wellness, cosmetics) you will receive 10% discount compared to the regular price.

Price per person:
8 overnight stays in Double room 949 € | Single room 1069 €
12 overnight stays in Double room 1289 € | Single room 1469 €