Ayurveda fasting

Fasting cure according to Ayurveda

alt/content/gesundheit/yoga-ayurveda-fasten.jpgAyurvedic fasting is a very effective and especially gentle method of harmonizing body and mind. - Feeling well in your own body and gaining new strength, that is the aim of an Ayurvedic fasting cure.

Ayurveda - the knowledge of life

Ayurveda is much more than a classical health science, it teaches methods and opportunities for a healthier and more conscious lifestyle and as a result it also contributes to the prevention of diseases. Often, the clinical picture is alleviated or even healed in existing chronic diseases such as rheumatism, allergies, asthma or migraine.

The Ayurveda Teaching is an ancient wisdom from India that has the secret of a long and healthy life. The name is composed of two words: Veda - "knowledge" and Ayus - "life": the knowledge of a long, healthy life! In Ayurveda, health means "inner harmony". Ayurveda describes the body, mind and soul as an inseparable unity. If this unit is unbalanced, then no perfect health can be achieved. The basis of the Ayurvedic health science are the 5 elements (Pancha Maha Bhuta) - ether, air, fire, water and earth. According to Ayurveda, each of us and everything that lives on earth is made up of these 5 elements.

Fasting cure according to Ayurveda: the beginning of a new life

The Ayurvedic fasting cure is not a diet and does not have much in common with strict fasting diets. It is solely intended for health and inner satisfaction. In severe fasting diets for the most part refrained from solid food, quite different in an Ayurveda cure. Because the important "Agni" (digestive fire), which keeps the entire body in balance and burns all slags and toxins, would be resting when not eating and as a result be weakened in long term and sustainably.

Ayurveda fasting offer

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Structure of a "Ayurvedic fasting cure“

As is the case with many fasting cures, relief and gain days are also recommended for an Ayurveda fasting cure in order to prepare the body slowly and gently. Usually this is about 3 days before and after fasting. On these days you should not eat cold, heavy and raw food. The beginning of the fasting time is initiated with a detoxification drink (a glass of warm water, 1 teaspoon of lemon or lime and 1 teaspoon of honey), which you then always take in the morning after getting up each morning to boost your metabolism and circulation. At lunchtime there is a hot meal consisting of steamed or cooked fruit or vegetables. In addition, a lot of "warm" liquid should be drunk throughout the day. Ayurvedic massages and treatments, relaxing saunas, leisurely walks in the fresh air and small breaks with a nice cup of tea have a positive effect on the body and well-being. The nature around our sports and wellness hotel Ödhof in the Bavarian Forest invites you to explore the surroundings.

After a fasting cure it is often the case that you rethink the daily routine. This time can be used to think about much and make a better and healthier way of life.

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