Fasting - fasting holiday at the 4-star hotel in the Bavarian Forest

Fasting in Bavaria

You would like to fast and combine this with a comfortable holiday with spa treatments, walks and hikes in the beautiful nature of the Bavarian Forest and plenty of leisure facilities? Take a closer look on our website then we offer various forms of fasting vacations.

If you have already decided on a particular way to fast then use the navigation on the left side to jump directly to the respective method of fasting. But if you are still undecided - the following sections offer you important information on the different ways of fasting. Not all types of fasting are suitable for all kind of people - you have to find your way!

A Fasting Vacation in the hotel Ödhof

Our hotel is predestined for a fasting holiday. We offer a large separate fasting area, as well as qualified staff: naturopaths, dietitians and fasting guides, who look after you during your fasting stay in our house. We also offer special treatments, such as colon hydrotherapy, specifically designed for fasting.

Fasting cure according to Buchinger - active

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x hay packages. Fasting in group. read more →

Basen fasting

✔ Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes ✔ lectures ✔ 2x basic footbath, 1x hydro jet massage. Basen fasting in group. read more →

For those who want to combine fasting with a special sports program, we offer special fasting weeks, e.g. with yoga.

Flexi fasting – intermittent fasting

Losing weight by a combination of intermittent fasting and extensive varied sport. Improve your physical fitness your well-being. read more →

Fasting and yoga week

Explore the best hiking trails in the Bavarian Forest while doing Buchinger / Lützner fasting or as an alternative Basen fasting read more →

But not only the hotel, but also the environment supports your fasting holiday. The Bavarian Forest is a low mountain region with little traffic and industry, but a variety of natural trails. So perfect to combine your fasting holiday with hiking. Because especially during fasting enough movement in the fresh and clean air is essential.


Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner or alternatively Basen fasting. Moreover, you can explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. read more →

Fasting-hiking and yoga

Buchinger / Lützner fasting methods (alternatively Basen fasting) with fasting-hiking and yoga in the Bavarian Forest read more →

Fasting-hiking across the eight thousand-meter peaks

Fasting methods according to Buchinger / Lützner (alternative Basen fasting). Moreover, you will explore the best hiking routes in the Bavarian Forest. The highlight is the elevated hike across the eight thousend-meter peaks. read more →

What is fasting?

It is almost impossible to find a common definition for fasting. The medical association for fasting and diet defines fasting as a voluntary waiver of solid foods for a given period of time. On the other hand, fasting is when less than 400 kcal of food per day are fed. Medical dictionaries or the dictionary describe fasting primarily as a means of losing weight and weight loss, and finally as a therapy for diet-related diseases and allergies.

The origin of fasting is often seen in religion. Of course, weight loss during fasting is a nice thing. However, this is just a positive side effect. Fasting is a holistic method of detoxifying. Especially people who have already fasted, know about its positive effect and have integrated regular fasting in their annual course.

Fasting for healthy people

Another distinguishing feature of fasting can be found in the length. By definition, fasting is termed ten days and less than fasting for healthy people. However, if the fasting period is more than ten days it is definded as a therapy.

In naturopathy you can often find the term "fasting cure". Today, the term "fasting" has become common in colloquial terms. No matter which of the two terms is used, nowadays both are used as synonyms and basically everyone knows what they mean.

What fasting methods are available?

Regardless of the method of fasting and the distinguishing feature to which fasting is subjected, one thing is common to all. Every fasting and every fasting holiday is characterized by renunciation. When fasting, it is quite normal, wanted and also useful a little restriction and also a little hungry. This is an integral part of any fasting cure.

According to the definitions above, Basen fasting, the FX-Mayr cure or the Schroth cure no longer fall into the term fasting, but are referred to as a strict diet. Only the zero diet, the carbohydrate-modified fasting and the protein-modified fasting may strictly speaking be called fasting.

Today, it is common to practice the above mentioned fasting methods. Special emphasis is given to fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen and Ayurvedic fasting.

Ayurveda fasting offer

✔ Ayurveda Wellness ✔ swimming pool, sauna + gym ✔ hikes, yoga ✔ lectures ✔ Garshan, Abhyanga. Ayurveda fasting cure according to individual constitution. read more →

Fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen

By fasting according to Hildegard von Bingen, you will find your inner harmony that you need to achieve perfect health. read more →

The fasting holiday

If you want to try fasting, then of course, a holiday or a break is particularly good. Here you will find individual space, support, motivation and exchange with like-minded people, which can greatly facilitate your fasting cure.

In addition, you can deal with yourself and your daily routine and review it once and rethink. You gain distance and a look at the big picture often makes it possible to find individual solutions for everyday life. Fasting offers the best opportunity to break with the often already automated everyday routines and to get the chance for a new diet and a new quality of life during this break.

Of course, you can also fast at home. Here, however, you will continue to be confronted with the problems of everyday life and fasting is often limited to the reduced calorie intake. A physical cleansing and detoxification course also takes place in this way, but the mental fasting is under such circumstances usually too short.

How long can I keep fasting?

Often the question is how long such a fasting cure should be carried out or makes sense. It simply depends on the individual requirements. The maximum possible duration of fasting varies from person to person and several important factors play a role there. Therefore, we will explain this in more detail in a separate article in our guide section in the near future.

If someone fasts for the first time, we recommend a fasting duration of 5-7 full-fast days. Choosing this time does not overwhelm you, but you can still get to know and feel the positive effects of fasting on the body. That is why this fasting period has proven itself especially for fasting beginners.

For the duration of your fasting holiday, you should plan a little more time than the pure fast days. In addition to the full fast days, around one third of fasting period will be added as discharge and gain days. In this way, if you want to fast for 7 days, you will get a total stay of 13 days. Of course, even if there is not enough time for a fasting holiday, you can already do the days of relaxation, according to our instructions, at home. The gain days are crucial for a positive fasting experience. Therefore, we recommend that you complete this phase of fasting in our hotel. However, if you are experienced in fasting, then you are free to customize your fasting period in our house individually according to your wishes.

No matter which form of fasting you choose and how long you want to fast, we would be glad if we could serve you soon in our fasting hotel. We cordially invite you to a fasting holiday at hotel Ödhof.