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Not only the fastest But Also the most personal way to contact us is the phone . We are pleased to help them and support to a tailormade holiday offer to Bern , or to answer questions quickly and easily . Our phone number is

Not only the fastest but also the most personal way to contact us is the telephone. We are pleased to help you to find the right vacation offering or to answer your questions. Our phone number is:

Tel: +49 - (0)9923/8413-0
Fax: +49 - (0)9923/8413-33

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Of course you are also welcome to contact us via the internet. Our email address is:


If you would like us to make you an offer, you can also use our special booking form. This will ensure that your inquiry contains all the relevant information. We are dedicated to answer all requests as soon as possible.

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Sports and Wellness Hotel Ödhof
Öd 5
94255 Böbrach

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