Udvartana / Udsadana : powder massage

Massages with finely ground, hot plant powders or warm pastes are energizing. The skin is clean, smooth and firm. Especially recommended for itching and hives, but also for Pitta types who do not tolerate sesame oil.

The Udvartara / Udsadana powder massage reduces fat tissue, tightens the tissue and is used in cellulite treatments.
  • Reduction of fatty tissue
  • Strengthening connective tissue
  • Purifying and detoxifying
  • Improvemeat of the skin appearance
  • Creates tender skin
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Cellulite treatment
  • about 55 mins

Die Udvartana/Udsadana powder massage - important information

The Udvartana is a stimulating dry massage. It is performed as a powder massage with finely ground heated plant powder based on chickpea flour. This can take place on the dry as well as on the previously oiled skin. In the Udsadana, the herbal powder is processed with Ayurvedic oils to a warm paste, with which the massage is performed. Both are energizing massages which have a strong peeling effect and that have a cleansing, smoothing and firming effect on the skin. Especially with itching and tendency to hives the powder massage can be helpful. Primarily the two Ayurvedic massages are used in Kapha types, but also in Pitta types, which are e.g. do not tolerate sesame oil, a light powder massage may be beneficial.

Price: 85 €

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