Shirodhara anointment

The Shirodhara anointment is a very soothing and deep relaxing oil treatment.
  • Deep relaxation
  • Improves vitality and performance
  • Harmonizes the Doshas
  • about 75 mins

The Shirodhara - important information

The Ayurvedic forehead casting Shirodhara is a very relaxing traditional oil treatment. Using a warm even jet of oil, which is passed over the forehead, you achieve a deep state of relaxation. The Shirodhara is performed while lying down. For preparation, the forehead casting, which lasts about 20 minutes, is combined with a relaxing massage.

For the casting you should take much more time than just the estimated treatment time. Since if you get involved in this treatment, it works and you should take some time to rest. But then one is rewarded with a calming and strengthening of the senses and the mind. This creates a pleasant well-being, an inner peace and a deep relaxation.

Price: 135 €

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