Garshan - silk glove massage

A pleasant oil-free massage with the raw silk glove, which stimulates the lymphatic flow, increases blood circulation and strengthens the connective tissue. The peeling effect also refines the skin.

The Garshan silk glove massage improves the appearance of the skin, reduces the fatty tissue and also promotes blood circulation.
  • Reduction of fatty tissue
  • Strengthening connective tissue
  • Tissue tightening and detoxification
  • Stimulation of lymphatic flow
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Improvement of the skin appearance
  • creates velvety and tender skin
  • about 40 mins

Garshan silk glove massage - important information

The Garshan silk glove massage is a pleasant oil-free massage with the raw silk glove. The lymphatic flow is stimulated, the blood circulation is increased and the connective tissue is strengthened. The skin is refined because the skin surface is gently freed of dead cells. In Kapha types, it can be performed very vigorously, so that it has a stimulating and refreshing effect.

Price: 49 €

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