Ayurvedic back massage

The Ayurvedic back massage consists of a relaxing part and a Kundalini part and extends from the pelvic area up to the head.

The Ayurvedic back massage has an energizing effect and also releases blockages.
  • Energizing
  • Releases blockages
  • 25 mins at a price of €39
  • 40 mins at a price of €55

Ayurvedic back massage - important information

The ayurvedic back massage first removes the gross tension from the back muscles. After that, in the kundalini part, starting from the pelvic area, along the spine, to the shoulder girdle, up to the head, an intensive massage is carried out. It is an energy massage in which you try to raise the energy from the pelvis upwards. "Kundalini", which means "the rolled up", describes this life energy, which should rest under the pelvis.

Price: (25 min) 39 € / (40 min) 55 €

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