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Distance: 7km The Lusen summit is probably the most impressive mountain in the Bavarian Forest. A sea of ​​stones, from which one can experience a fantastic view into the Alps.
Duration: 2.5h

Teufelsloch-Himmelsleiter-Lusen summit

Starting point: Parking lot at the Igelbus bus stop Fredenrücke

Directions: by car: B85 (from Regen or Passau) or B12 (from Freyung), then direction Neuschönau / Waldhäuser, by train and bus: bus stop Spiegelau and from there by the Igelbus


A) about 2.5 hours walking time, 7 kilometres, 550 metres high (return from the end of the winter hiking trail Lusen parking lot with the Igelbus to Fredenbrücke)

B) about 3.5 hours walking time, about 12.5 kilometres, 550 metres high (circuit)

A and B: (signage is the "Ranne", a fallen tree)

From the parking lot the "Kleine Ohe" is crossed first. On a stony, sometimes a bit rooty path we walk uphill. Along the wayside, signs clearly illustrate flora and fauna. After a short while, the hiker reaches the "Martinsklause" a small reservoir, which was dammed for the timber transport. Here benches invite you to rest, a circular route leads around the small lake.

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The path follows the Ranne uphill. The forest here was heavily damaged by strong storms in the mid-1980s, but is already growing. Soon we reach the Teufelshöhle, a barren, rocky granite gorge, in which the river Ohe flows. After the gorge, it goes uphill again, following the path to the right, you can now comfortably continue on a boardwalk. Information boards explain here the cycle of nature in the protected area. On this wood path through the entire wetland, you can reach the Böhmweg shelter. Here is also the "Gläserne Arche", a glass object, set up. From there, the trail leads first moderately uphill to another plateau. On this a "Hochwaldsteig" was created. At about 400 metres, a boardwalk leads through the landscape as a nature trail. Numerous billboards explain the background idea of the national park. It is great to see that the forest is already regenerating. This short detour is definitely worth it.

The circular trail now expects the climb over the Himmelsleiter to the 1373 metre high summit of the Lusen to be conquered.

First, the rocky ascent leads through vegetation, later it disappears increasingly and makes place for the barren scree of the "stony sea" on the Lusen. It is absolutely recommendable to take a short break during the ascent and to treat yourself to the magnificent view over the valleys of the Bavarian Forest.

Wind is blowing on the barren summit but the view makes your forget all the efforts.

Only a small descent away is the Lusenschutzhaus. A cozy terrace and the dining room invite you to take a rest.

About the winter path you can easily return downhill to the Lusen parking lot. From here it is possible to return with the Igelbus to the bus stop "Fredenbrücke".

B) If you want, you can hike another 5 kilometres back from the parking lot to the Fredenbrücke. At the bus stop you continue towards the signposts to the "Gläserne Arche". Frome there, the way back is via the Teufelsloch and the Martinsklause back to the parking lot at the Fredenbrücke.