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Distance: 5km On foot to Schwellhäusl, a family-friendly hike with many facets.
Duration: 1.5h

For the hike to the Schwellhäusl there are numerous starting points. Most popular are probably the following:

Starting point:

A) Haus zur Wildnis

B) Deffernik parking lot

C) various hiking parking lots in Zwieslerwaldhaus (e.g. Brechhäuslau)

D) other starting points can be: Bayrisch Eisenstein, Zelezna Ruda (via the Böhmweg and the "green border"), Regenhütte, Seebachschleife


A) by car: B11 to Ludwigsthal, Haus zur Wildnis, or Waldbahn: stop Ludwigsthal

B) B11 direction Bayrisch Eisenstein, turn to Zwieslerwaldhaus, about 400 metres after the junction left, parking lot Deffernik

C) Zwieslerwaldhaus, parking lot Brechhäuslau

Duration: (one way, return by bus possible, depending on the timetable)

A) about 5 kilometres, about 1.5 hours walking time

B) about 3 kilometres, about 1 hour walking time (suitable for buggies)

C) 2-3 kilometres, depending on route selection e.g. at the Triftweg or Hans-Watzlik-Hain

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A) From the parking lot or the station of the Waldbahn, follow the signs to Haus zur Wildnis. After a short time this way leads uphill in the direction of the game reserve. Either take a short trip there (highly recommended) or take the path to the left at the intersection (Zwieslerwaldhaus, Deffernik, Schwellhäusl). Follow this road until you reach the parking lot Deffernik. From there it continues as follows:

B) From the parking lot at the Deffernik a wide gravel road leads you directly to Schwellhäusl. The way is good passable with a buggy. The walking time is from here about 1 hour. The way is flat for a long time and only increases towards the end. The route is in the middle of the forest, no traffic allowed, sometimes accompanied by the river.

C) From the trail parking lot "Brechhäuslau" a tarred road leads down the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, a bridge leads across the river. The path forks here: on the left, a path leads uphill past a small fountain. After a few meters, the hikers reach a small stream, the Triftweg. Along this route, you can easily reach the Schwellhäusl within half an hour. The way back is possible on the same way, or continue on Hans-Watzlik-Hain right on the gravel road. Back up the mountain. There are two options. Either you stay on the gravel road and get to the Schwellhäusl, or you turn the sign to the left into the forest and walk through the Hans-Watzlik-Hain. This route takes you a few hundred meters directly through the natural jungle of the national park. The gravel road is passable with a buggy. The way through the grove with a buggy is not recommanded.