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Distance: 11km From mountain inn Eck to the Rauchröhren to the Kötztinger hut, the region around the Kaitersberg is one of the most popular hiking areas. The rocky area has a very special charm.
Duration: 4.5h

Eck-Kötztinger hut

Starting point: mountain inn "Eck" 843 metres (between Arnbruck and Arrach)

Length: 11 kilometres

Duration: about 4.5 hours

Marking: green triangle

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Starting point of this hike is the mountain inn Eck, a hiking parking lot directly in front of the restaurant allows easy parking.

From there, the trail leads north steeply uphill to the Great Riedelstein (1132 metres), a magnificent view from the Waldschmidt monument rewards us for the first effort. The hike leads us to the Rauchröhren, these two steep rock formations are popular among other things in climbing sports. The path leads us straight through the Rauchröhren, a narrow crevice that has its own charm (a sure foot should be present). A path around the Rauchröhren is also signposted. Once at the top you can already see the Kötztinger hut from the summit cross. The hike continues over the Steinbühler Gesenke, which on beautiful days is a fantastic starting point for paragliders. The Kötztinger hut (Mittagsstein) is located at 1034 metres and is a recommended place for a well deserved rest. (The Kötztinger hut is opend all year round).

The way back on this hike leads us to the Kreuzfelsen (999 metres), from there you have a wonderful view over Bad Kötzting. Not far from the Kreuzfelsen we come across the "Räuber Heigl Höhle" (cave). The hike can now continue on to Bad Kötzting or back to the Ecker-Sattel (mountain inn Eck).

Robber Heigl: Robber Heigl was one of the three Bavarian social rebels of the 18th and 19th centuries. In the simple social classes he was considered as a hero. In short, he took from the rich and gave it to the poor and to needy people. In June 1853 he was arrested in his cave.