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Distance: 9km On steep paths uphill to the King of the Bavarian Forest, At the top you will be rewarded for your effort with a stunning view.
Duration: 3h

Bodenmais-Rieslochfälle-Großer Arber

Starting point: town hall Bodenmais

Lengths: about 9 kilometres

Duration: about 3 hours

The city hall, as well as the resort administration is located directly at the station at the Bahnhofsstraße. The station can be reached every hour with the Waldbahn 907, and several times a day various bus lines of the RBO (6093, 6196, 61989) arrive.

From Bodenmais on the Rieslochfällen up to the King of the Bavarian Forest.

The Großer Arber with its 1456 meters is the highest mountain of the Bavarian Forest, this hike requires a good condition and sturdy shoes.

As early as 1939 the Rieslochfälle in Bodenmais were protected. United with the Schwellbach, the Rieslochfälle as the largest waterfall in the Bavarian Forest steeply fall to the Thal. An area of 33 hectares in which a unique natural spectacle occurs. The Rieslochfälle passes through the canyon and its rugged canyons in several cascades.

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Starting point of this hike is the town hall in Bodenmais. From there follow the mark "grüne 2" over the Rieslochweg, past the inn Waldhaus, to Riesbach and the ski jump on the left side. Arrived at the fork, follow the left path towards Rieslochfällen. Crossing the Arberhochstraße it goes steadily uphill. At the Reißerbrückerl you take the path to the left to Arberhüttenschachten and then to the Arbergipfel. Depending on condition and time the descent can be taken in the direction of Brennes / Mooshütte or over the Arbersee. Of course, there is also a more comfortable option available, in which you can easily float with the gondola to the Thal.

An unforgettable experience, whether in summer or the winter months.

No matter which return route you choose, the buses of the RBO return to Bodenmais to the starting point. Timetable information can be found at www.bayerwald