Skiing holiday in the Bavarian Forest

Ski vacation in one of the snowiest areas of Germany

Does it attract you to the mountains in winter? Then spend a first-class skiing holiday in the Bavarian Forest and get to know the skiing region Großer Arber. This region is characterized by several points:

  • not far from the cities of Munich and Nuremberg, you can come over for a ski weekend or a short holiday trip,
  • ideal conditions, since it is one of the snowiest regions in Germany,
  • affordable due to the rural area.

Regardless of your preferences for skiing holidays, the Bavarian Forest and Bodenmais will meet your desire. Cross-country skiers can enjoy hundreds of kilometres of prepared trails at the sports and activity centre Bretterschachten. Do you like it faster at the downhill ski, then the Großer Arber and the Silberberg are exactly right. A corresponding skiing pass can be bought for little money.

Skiing holiday at sports hotel Ödhof

Enjoy wonderful winter landscapes and sports in nature and then find the balance in a beautiful hotel in the Bavarian Forest. The sports and wellness hotel Ödhof is with its beautiful daylight swimming pool and its sauna area an ideal place after skiing or cross-country skiing. Of course, you can combine it with one of our winter offers.

Skiing holiday

Skiing holiday in the Bavarian Forest, a winter sports Eldorado that meets every level of ability. read more →

Winter magic

✔ Horse sleigh ride ✔ hot stone massage ✔ swimming pool and sauna ✔ half board ✔ bookable from 23.12.- 29.12. and 02.01.-31.03. Winter vacation for your well-beeing. read more →

Winter holiday in the Bavarian Forest

The frosty "Bohemian wind" whistles over the icy landscape while you quickly find your rhythm on forest trails protected by snowy giant trees. Back to the open field, the sky is crystal clear and the sun is reflected in thousands of ice stars. The Bavarian Forest is so unique in your winter holiday.

For several years, the Bavarian Forest and the entire Arber region around Bodenmais and Böbrach enjoys increasing popularity. A winter holiday in a snowy area promises to be unique. Anyone who has ever been to the Großer Arber or one of the many smaller, surrounding ski areas such as the Zwieseler Waldhäusl or the Riedelberg, will surely remember some beautiful and unforgettable days.

The Großer Arber with its 1,456 meters is the highest mountain outside the Alps. He may thus also call himself "King of the Bavarian Forest". Winter vacationers and ski enthusiasts can expect numerous, well-prepared alpine ski slopes. Or are you more of a passionate cross-country skier and want to combine sports with incredible views? Then you are exactly right at the activity centre Bretterschachten. Every day, there is prepared an extensive cross-country network of 106 kilometres for classic cross-country skiing and 102 kolometres for skating by the local governments of Bodenmais and Arnbruck. In the surrounding ski areas, such as the Eck, Riedelberg, Silberberg, St. Englmar and the Geißkopf you will find smaller well-maintained ski deals.

Cross-country skiing holidays in the Arber region

The cross-country centre Bretterschachten

Cross-country skiing has a great tradition in the Bavarian Forest. For that reason, there are incredible 2,000 kilometers of trails in the most varied ski areas around the Arber. In front of the Großer Arber, you can enjoy the best prepared pistes for classic cross-country skiing as well as fantastic skating rinks at the sports and activity centre Bretterschachten. The trails are regularly freshly traced and when the fresh snow needs a bit longer, there is a snow cannon.

Probably the longest route is the “Bayerwald” cross-country trail. It is about 150 km long and stretches across the Bavarian Forest. On the predominantly classic medium-heavy track, the stunning natural landscape of the National Park compensates for your efforts.

The cross-country centre Bretterschachten is located in in close proximity to Bodenmais, the tourism and health resort of the Bavarian Forest. The snowy active centre awaits enthusiastic cross-country skiers with its 8 trails at 1,120 to 1,270 meters altitude. From the easy 4-kilometres route up to a heavy 95 kilometres, classic cross-country skiers can enjoy 114 kilometres of cross-country ski trails and skaters can enjoy 110 kilometre-long tracks. You can even wave to the Bavarian Forest from the Arber summit. Classic cross-country skiers as well as skaters can enjoy the difficult 18 kilometre-long "active centre circuit".

Cross-country skiing right in front of the hotel

Our hotel Ödhof is located at about 500 meters altitude and has regular snowfall. So it is usually possible to enter the trail directly on our front door of our sports and spa hotel. Under appropriate conditions, the Böbrach trail is directly connected to the trail network of the Bodenmais about 5 kilometres away. So you there are more than 2,000 kilometres of trails at your disposal. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner - every cross-country skier and snowboarder will find his perfect spot. Book directly your ski holiday in our house.

Cross-country trails around Bodenmais

The Auerhahn trail for experienced people runs over 30 km at an altitude of 843 to 1,260 metres from the cross-country ski center Eck to Bretterschachten. This route is considered particularly snowy and is also suitable for skating. It offers beautiful panoramic views of the snow-covered Bavarian Forest.

From Arrach and the winter sports centre Eck-Riedelstein, you can ride 6 trails between 5 and 28 kilometres on 520 - 1,200 meters. The Riedelstein trail, medium difficult, runs with its 10 km on the snowy "Auerhahn-Höhenloipe" and joins the Bretterschachten.

Drachselsried with its altitude of 530 - 1,260 metres and 10 trails is for all skill levels. The circuit Frath is suitable for classical and skating. Three medium-difficulty routes with a total length of 7 kilometres invite you to "comeback" after the winter holiday break.

Cross-country ski courses for everyone

Almost everywhere you will find cross-country ski courses for young and old. There are also many contact points for ski hire. Cross-country skiing is characterized by the fact that it can be learned very quickly. This ensures great fun even if it should only be a short ski holiday.

Of course, our sports and wellness hotel Ödhof is well equipped and works together with well-known ski schools and lenders in Bodenmais. In appropriate weather conditions, you enter directly in front of our house in a traced trail.

Alpine skiing holidays in the Bavarian Forest

The great Arber - pure skiing fun

The highest skiing pleasure is probably the Großer Arber, with its 1,456 vertical meters the "King of the Bavarian Forest". From our spa hotel only about 5 kilometres away, the Bodenmaiser ski bus starts and brings alpinists and cross-country skiers straightforward to all snow sports facilities.

The large Arber offers about 15 km of perfectly traced fun on the slopes. which the downhill skier can go down in all levels of difficulty. You can get back upstairs quickly with the gondola lift, the chair lifts or the T-bar.

3 easy slopes with a length of about 4 kilometres, one of them even with floodlighting, are at your disposal. At medium difficulty you can enjoy 4 kilometres descent on 4 slopes. On "Sonnenhang" this is also possible in the evening with floodlights. For skiing pros there is a 2 kilometres-long route. A special slope is located on the eastern slope. Here you can slide down on the World Cup track on tracks of the "world" top athletes. A special pleasure is the tour descent from the Großer Arber to Bodenmais. At about 7 kilometres you will feel the fresh air of the Bavarian Forest.

But not only the alpine skiers in the Bavarian Forest get their money's worth, also for snowboarders there is a lot. Besides the traced slopes, a specially created fun park on the Arber makes the hearts of freeriders beat faster.

Ski vacation for the kids in ArBÄR-Land and Co

For young skiers, "ArBär Kinderland" offers 4 conveyor belts as well as a ski carousel. The professional care of the mini-skiers is self-evident. However, if you have come a bit too close to the “white wet”, the cute, popular ArBär mascot will be the remedy.

Just around the corner of Bodenmais, the Silberberg offers a number of easy descents, especially for skiers and snowboarders. 4 kilometres of fun on the slopes can be experienced.

At the Silberberg you should also explore the children's ski park once. The kids will have a lot of skiing fun in a playful way.

730 vertical meters downhill fun are guaranteed in the ski area "Riedlberg" for the whole family. The Riedlberg offers 15,000 square meters practice area and is also ideal for sledging for the kiddies. From the Schareben mountain hut, the "big kids" can look forward to a 3,8 kilometre long natural toboggan run.

Professional ski and snowboard training

Especially for alpine skiing and snowboarding, professional instruction and good equipment are important. Our winter sports hotel Ödhof works together with selected ski schools and lenders in this area. So you can enjoy your skiing holiday fun with safe skiing fun in the Bavarian Forest with us in the sports and wellness hotel Ödhof.

Snowshoeing and tobbogan in the Bavarian Forest

Of course, in addition to skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, you can enjoy many other winter sports experiences in the beautiful, snowy scenery of the Bavarian Forest. How about with a snowshoe hike? Many skiing schools in the Arber region offer guided snowshoe hikes, and take you to impressive places where you can take a little break to enjoy the fabulous views. We at the sport- und wellness hotel Ödhof will gladly arrange a tour for you through the enchanting scenery of the winter forest in Bavaria. At the Silberberg in Bodenmais there is a lot to offer especially for the little winter athletes. Tobogganing with fun guarantee. Very comfortable with the mountain railway up to the summit and then down. Sledges and toboggan bobs are available at the valley station for hire.

Winter hiking around Bodenmais

Especially in winter, the Bavarian Forest turns in an almost unreal fairytale forest. Everywhere the snow sparkles and twinkles, some trees are transformed in higher altitudes into "ice and snowmen". Especially at the Großer Arber are these unusual figures to discover. Get on the way and experience a wonderfully beautiful winter hiking holiday. With a little luck, you can enjoy beautiful views if then weather is fine. Our sports and wellness hotel Ödhof is surrounded by the picturesque nature of the Bavarian Forest. Start your winter sports experience right from here and explore the area around Böbrach. We wish you a lot of fun and unforgettable moments in your winter sports skiing holiday.

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