Mountain bike vacation in the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest is a pilgrimage site for mountain bikers in Germany

The Bavarian Forest not only invites to hiking, but also enjoys a national and international reputation for mountain bikers of all ages concerning mountain biking. This can probably only be compared with the Black Forest in Germany. In particular, at the German-Czech border with its 1,456 meter high mountain range is looks for like created by God for mountain bike fans.

In the sparsely populated “Oberpfälzischen“ and “Niederbayrischen“ districts of Cham and Regen, you will find the highest mountains in the entire region: the Großer Arber, Breitenauriegel, Großer Falkenstein, Hahnenbogen, Heugstatt, Hochzellberg, Kiesruck, Lackenberg, Großer Rachel, Rukowitzberg and Schwarzeck. There are most of the waters, dense forests and primeval-like landscapes of rocks and moraines, to enjoy the holiday with mountain bikes.

But not only the geographic and geological conditions make the Bavarian Forest a popular place of pilgrimage for the perfect mountain bike holiday. Due to the mountains infrastructure of bike hotels, bike parks and versatile bike tours, the area of the oldest German national park is the best address for mountain bike tours and trails. Even now, when the mountain bike media have discovered the Bavarian Forest as an insider tip, you will still find plenty of secluded corners in its surroundings, where you can experience mountain bike holidays, according to some specialist author, almost as in Canada.

Biker base Bodenmais: Long tradition in tourism, new technology for mountain bike tours

With a total of around 1,200 kilometres infrastructure of suitable routes for cycling tours, you can choose as a climber a starting point for your day trips, as well as multi-day or multi-week tours. Of course, many of the routes are also suitable for hiking if you do not want to spend every day in the saddle.

Some of the idyllically located holiday resorts, in the midst of partly completely unspoilt nature, are particularly suitable as holiday destinations for a successful mountain bike holiday. Bikers from near and far have been appreciating the local government of Bodenmais for two decades, one of the most famous and most visited health resort resorts in the Bavarian Forest.

Bodenmais offers numerous opportunities for mountain biking on extensive tours and great trails. The surroundings of the lovely little town has over four dozen different driving bike tours, which all can be located via GPS. The local government at the foot of the Großer Arber counts just 3,000 inhabitants. Here, tourism was discovered early as a source of income. So it is not surprising that the association - Bavarian Forest was founded in 1883 and now registers nearly 150,000 guest arrivals per year. Bodenmais offers all the ingredients for a completely satisfying mountain bike holiday.

If you want to ride a mountain bike around Bodenmais, you are sometimes almost "spoiled for choice". Depending on stamina, difficulty, experience and condition, there are many different difficult, medium and easy routes for half-day and full-day tours, as well as multi-day stage trips. Also guided bike tours to the peaks of the surrounding mountains with stunning views and picturesque surroundings are ideal for mountain bike holidays.

There are about 30 to 40 km long tours around Bodenmais, which you can complete on a morning or afternoon within 3 to 5 hours. These include, for example, the Ladytrail No. 13 (36 kilometres) over the Brandtnerriegel and the Bachhütte, as well as the Zellertal Tour No. 42 (32 kilometres) via Böbrach, Asbach and Riedelberg with their easily manageable routes and inclines of the routes. A bit more exhausting is the Schachten Tour no. 44 (55.7 kilometres) over the district Böhmhof, the activity centre Bodenmais am Bretterschachten, the Hochstein as well as the villages Arnbruck, Grafenried and Böbrach. Cyclists who want to get detailed information on all tours and trails around Bodenmais in their mountain bike holiday, can get the new mountain bike map of the district of Regen at the tourist information on the Bahnhofstrasse.

At the test center of the activity centre am Bretterschachten there is a special offers for guests who make mountain bike holidays in Bodenmais and surroundings - free GPS devices to try out on your bike tours.

Cycle long day, eat delicious in the evening, sleep well at night at the sports hotel

Riding a mountain biking is even more fun if you are already know about:

  • the cozy accommodation in the evening,
  • warm hospitality,
  • good kitchen,
  • as well as a well-kept atmosphere.

A traditional bike hotel with settings for mountain bikes and drying rooms for clothing and tools is the family-run 4-star sports and wellness hotel Ödhof. You will find it in Böbrach, which is only 6 kilometres from Bodenmais. MTB riders stay here in large single or double rooms, apartments or in luxurious suites with shower, toilet, telephone, flat screen TV and balcony or terrace.

Near the edge of the forest, with a fantastic view of the Regental, in the midst of a 10,000 m² green area including lawn, playground and beer garden, it is only about 10 minutes walk from here to the centre. Many rooms have a wonderful view of the Böbracher Hausberg Platte or the Regental and the romantic Schwarzer Regen. You will soon be dreaming again about which exciting routes and tours will be handled the next day.

Tours at the hotel for cycling or hiking

There are many signposted bike tours around the house:

  • to the castle ruin Altnußberg,
  • to the Gläsernen Scheune,
  • along the river Schwarzer Regen
  • at nearby Großer Arber
  • or to the mountain Geißkopf with the MTB Zone Bikepark near the local government of Bischofsmais.

The MTB park in Bischofsmais

Opened in 1999, the park is a popular and supra-regionally known meeting place for the mountain bike scene. 12 routes of different levels of difficulty amaze amateurs and professionals at the same time. For best care of the mountain bike holiday guests in the hotel Ödhof is ensured by its long - term cooperation with a local bike shop and rental in Bodenmais.

Learn riding techniques and know-how in a mountain bike holiday in the Bavarian Forest

In the Bavarian Forest, however, not only the famous "bike bases" Böbrach, Bodenmais and Bischofsmais offer good to very good conditions for mountain biking in all its facets. Elsewhere between Zwiesel, Viechtach, Regen, Grafenau, Freyung and Waldkirchen there are many trails and tours for mountain bikes.

In Bavaria, for example, holidaymakers often like to travel to the local government of Sankt Englmar in the Straubing-Bogen district with their 300 kilometres of mountain bike trails. The health resort with its as little as 1,700 inhabitants has been known for over two decades as a paradise for cyclists and the oldest German mountain bike centre. At the Tourist Information St. Englmar in the Rathausstraße you will find extensive information about the trail days with manual courses and driving technique training.

A special highlight of the area is the challenging “Singletrail” training track at the Predigtstuhl. The 2.3 kilometres long track with its natural obstacles is an ideal training ground for skill and downhill.

A well-known and popular starting point for beautiful mountain bike tours and downhill rides on the “Singletrails” in the Bavarian Forest is also very close to Deggendorf. Around the small community Gotteszell in the upper Teisnachtal (only about 15 minutes by car from Böbrach away) are the wooded peaks Hirschenstein, Vogelsang, Dreitannenriegel and Einödriegel, all of which can be mastered "by pedal" on mountain bikes.

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